10/29/2020. The Battlefield AO | Trick or Treat

PAX: 20 – Spacebar, Hoosegow, Ponzi, Buns of Steel, Girl Dad, Gobbler, Samples – Respect, Khakis – Respect, Flanders, Stella, Dirty Bird, Tin Cub, Safe Ride, Brazillian, ToadStool, FNG Tarantine – Welcome, Roll Bar, Smashmouth

QIC: Chiclets – Respect , Thomas

Weather: 34 & breezy

The PAX huddled near the shovel flags wondering who the mysterious Qs would be a the clock ticked toward 5:30.  Just shy of 5:30 the workout plans dropped from under Thomas’s jacket and the secret was out.  Chiclets stepped to the middle and welcomed everyone to the Battlefield for a Trick or Treat beat down.  F3’s mission and core principles were shared along with a standard disclaimer.  Fortunately the sun had been out this week to melt the earlier snow and the conditions were prime for a good beatdown.  The PAX also welcomed an FNG who was in town from LA.

A mosey for a lap around the track then led to the middle of the field for Warm-A-Rama.


Chiclets led in a set of Tappy Taps and thus concluded our Warm-A-Rama.

The Thang

The PAX were divided into two groups.   The Trick group was led by Thomas and would be on the Highway to Hell.  The Treat group were led by Chiclets and ascended the Stairway to Heaven.

Highway to Hell

PAX partnered up and began in the North end zone.  One partner proceeded on AMRAP burpees while the partner took the highway.  

10 yard line – 10 burpees

20 yard line – 10 Big Boys

30 yard line – 10 Carolina Dry Docks

40 yard line – 10 plank jacks

The partner then sprinted back on the highway to hello and relieved his partner.  The PAX then rinsed and repeated.  While some grumbled that ghost week was supposed to be fun, others relished in the beatdown.

Stairway to Heaven

PAX remained with their partner and headed to the east stadium.  One partner ran the stadium steps while the other did  a set of exercises, changing each round.  The stadium steps altered between a run and then the next set was a broad jump up.


Round 1 – Air Squats

Round 2 – Derkins

Round 3 – Monkey Humpers

Round 4 – Dips

Round 5 – Plank Jacks

After about 15 minutes “Trick or Treat” was called and the groups swapped to perform the other set.  After an additional 15 minutes Omaha was called and the PAX met at mid-field for Mary.


Box Cutters

Frozen Freddies

Gas Pumpers

Heel Touches

American Hammers – 31 reps to celebrate Halloween

Name o Rama

Named the FNG, Tarantino


COT= Chiclets shared the story of a man who had progressed through life from teenage years, through college and into his professional life with much success.  This included a family and a large home.  But along the way life happened and he was dealt an enormous setback and found himself starting over at age 40.  While his initial reaction to the setback was not positive, he did find the Lord and began a new path and is here just over 10 years later in a great place personally and professionally.  We need to keep moving on and find our path on the journey and know that great things are ahead.

Prayers: Prayers to Tarantino and his family with support for his father who is in the hospital.  Prayers to the leaders in our country, both national and local, as they make hard decisions.  Prayers for wisdom, courage and patience.


Chiclets and Thomas

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