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PAX:  Dr. Thunder, Nightcrawler, Othello, Hardhat, Mufasa, Rollbar, Polaroid, Tin Cup, Hos cow, Grease Fire, FNG (Nathan – Trader), Folsom, Kingpin, FNG (Greg – Tuner), Zebo, Black Flag, Wentworth, Spacebar, Pain Killer, Bloodshot, Splinter

Q: Splinter

21 PAX welcomed the post Halloween weekend hangover at theOctagon.  YHC explained the mission of F3 along with having the PAX recite the 5 core principles, then reminded PAX that YHC is not a professional so modify exercises as needed. Before a quick mosey to the field YHC mentioned that PAX had the opportunity to MURPH this fine morning…… (Nothing like a little cliff hanger before starting a beatdown). YHC instructed the PAX to number off in 1’s and 2’s for warm-a-rama.

YHC had the PAX drop their coupon and circle up for the warm-a-rama and then proceeded to tell PAX that YHC fell in love with the IRONPAX this year.  It was a different type of “competition” than YHC had ever been a part of.  There were no winners or looser just a metric to measure against.  One can get all bent out of shape around people cheating or one can look inside and say “did I really take ownership and do what I was capable of?”  The PAX is made up of many different HIMs and they all have their own threshold.  It was amazing to see the PAX surround one another and pick up the six as the events went on. So YHC had a goal to create that same feel for this workout, push it to the max and pick up the six.


PAX circled up for• 20 Sun gods – IC (10 forward 10 reverse)• 15 burpees – OYO • Break off into separate groups for MORNING CALLo YHC instructed the PAX to circle up in group and they were to hold a plank while one of the PAX would mosey around the circle calling out down 5 times and on each down called out the rest of the PAX were to perform a merkin (5 merkins for each PAX member to mosey around the circle) and then to hold the plank while another PAX member took his place for mosey and the other HIM returned to the circle to join the rest of the PAX for plank/merkins. The 1’s were confused and Othello thought the PAX were superstars making us do 10 merkins on his mosey around the circle and Mufasa then showed the PAX what a true HIM is during his mosey as the last man around only requiring a single merkin and then proceeding to tell the PAX how much he loved us for the rest of his mosey….

The Thang

YHC gathered PAX on one side of the field and explained the morning’s workout.

PAX were to start on one side of the field with a coupon andmurder merkin (like a murder bunny with a merkin) to the other side and perform the exercise on the sheet.  Once exercise was completed they were to murder merkin to the opposite side of the field and perform the exercise on the sheet there.  PAX wereto complete the 3 exercises on each sheet and then they were to pick up the six until Omaha was called.   YHC then announced the curveball that was to be thrown in in 5 minute increments.  When YHC yelled “morning wood” PAX were to grab their coupon and perform 5 Turkish get-ups with coupon and sprint to the opposite side of the field they were on and back to their coupon.  Upon returning to said coupon PAX were to resume their workout until the next time “morning wood” was called.  I need to take a moment to note that during this workout there was a siclence unlike I have not herd in sometime.  Other than a random “you got this boys” the only thing the PAX started yelling about was when YHC yelled Morning Wood, and then there were excited shouts from 20+ grown men yelling “morning wood” and then silence ensued with the sound of sucking wind. Exercises were as follows OYO with murder merkins traveling the width of the field.

Side 1

25 Squat Thrusters

50 Coupon Big Boys

100 Lunges – one each leg

Side 2

20 Burpees

100 LBC – IC

100 Alternating hand on block merkins – 50 each

My man Wentworth did give me a smile when he told me “we brought a couple of FNG’s today because we thought the MURPH might not be the best workout to start off with, we may have been wrong.”  

Shout out to a true HIM and man of IRON Hard Hat for getting through the entire workout.  Brother you inspire YHC and show the PAX what determination and grit looks like. 

Omaha was called at 6:10am


Welcome to FNG’s; Trader and Tuner

Circle of Trust:

Leadership.  Everyone leads in some way.  YHC had a question for the PAX today about who is asking them to lead.  The request for leadership can be missed, and is missed often.  YHCshared a personal story about a way that YHC had missed this request for leadership recently and it was not noticed until after processing a meeting with my M.  After processing how said meeting left YHC feeling my M simply stated “sounds like you must not be articulating your willingness to lead in the way you are being asked.”  She was right (as she is in many things in life) and YHC took the opportunity to meet with the individual again the next day.  YHC articulated that I was left feeling like there was something left unsaid in the previous meeting and that was that YHC was willing to take ownership of whatever is asked of me.  After another quick 5 minute conversation the other party in the meeting looked at me and simply said “I want to thank you for coming back in to clear that up so we are all on the same page and we don’t have to look back and say something was never said, thank you.”  This has caused me to look at different areas of life, especially with my family, and ask the question “where am I missing someone who is asking me to lead in a specific area of life?”  My challenge to you is to evaluate your life and see if you are missing someone who is asking you to lead.  It could be at work, it could be at home, it could be in a number of areas.  Will you take time to notice and take responsibility this week for the areas that you should be leading that you are not?  Have a conversation, be transparent and setup this week men.  


Nightcrawler to have coming announcements on the upcoming Veterans Day Ruck

COVID Precautions. PAX are encouraged to remain resilient with our social distancing precautions. We don’t want to jeopardize our ability to meet in the gloom. Please remember foot kicks over fist pumps and bro-hugs. Maintain social distancing during workouts. Do not attend a workout if you are not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms. Qs must follow social distancing precautions when designing workouts. Be aware of social distancing and masks during Coffeeteria. Just because a coffee shop allows us to use their indoor space, we should not relax our commitment to social distancing and wearing masks.



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