October 27, 2020//Stinson Park//AO- Cornhusker Handicap//19 Brisk degrees//

30 Pax:  Frosty, PortaJohn, Sister Act, Othello, Khakis (Respect!), Spreadsheet, Ponzi, Grease Fire, Spacebar, Sticky Bandit, Polaroid, Buns of Steel, Icy Hot, Nugent, Patton, U-Haul, Hoosegow, E85, Safe Ride, Beta Max, Gumbo, Touché, Waterboy, Wentworth, Tater Tot, Smash Mouth, Brazilian, Two Step, Batman, and Grillz. 

Q: Grillz and Folsom

Batman welcomed the PAX, stated the mission statement, gave the disclaimer, and warned the PAX that he was not the Q they needed but the Q they deserved, then he handed the reins over to his partner in Superhero-hood, Grillz. 

Warm O’ Rama: 

  • Short Mosey 
  • Tappy Taps ICx10
  • Short Mosey
  • Don Quixote’s ICx10
  • Goofballs ICx20

The Pre-Thang Spooky Squats and Murder Merkins—Oh My!: Batman directed the PAX to find their Robin, a.k.a. find a partner. The Batmans ran up the hill to Center St., hopped the wall, and did 10 Spooky Squats (low squat behind the wall, jump up, and yell Boo! over the wall) before running back down the hill to save Robin. Meanwhile at the bottom of the hill, the Robin’s were fighting a deadly Joker and had to do Murder Merkins AMRAP (Merkin, but at the top make 3 stabbing motions with one hand). {There are times where as a Q, you just have to stop and look around. During the pre-thang Folsom paused to admire how much the PAX bought in to these playful versions of the most basic exercises. From U-Haul and Othello yelling Boo! like they were trying to scare the pants off of someone 3 miles away, to Ponzi wildly stabbing at the sidewalk during Murder Merkins, everyone seemed to be having a great time.}

The (Super Scary) Thang:

Grillz, Robin to Folsom’s Batman, led the PAX to the 3rd floor of the parking garage of horror where they divided into groups of four (4).  Man #1 & #2 start the first exercise while Man #3 & #4 sprinted around the parking garage floor.  Then Man #3 & #4 started the first exercise while Man #1 & #2 sprinted.  Each time a lap was completed, groups would move to the next exercise on the list. This pattern was continued until Omaha was called – approx 20 minutes (try as they might, no one had to rinse and repeat).

Exercises: AMRAP                   

  1. Deadly Donkey Kicks
  2. Wicked Burpees – with Broad Jump
  3. Menacing Bobby Hurley’s
  4. Frightful Freddie Mercury
  5. Horrid Monkey Humpers
  6. Grim Yogi Werkins (werkin with alt. toe touch)
  7. Gruesome Burpees – with Overhead Clap while on stomach
  8. Savage Squat Jumps
  9. Chilling Box Cutters
  10. Eerie Plank Jacks – in low plank

Batman then directed the PAX ‘To the Shovel Flags’ where the dreaded mary was delivered.

Mary: Batman lead the PAX in a plank until the 6 arrived from the parking garage.

  • Melting Witches ICx20 (very similar to Crunchy Frogs)
  • Rancid Style American Hammers, one for each of us, ICx30

Announcements/Prayers: No specific prayers or announcements were spoken by the PAX though prayers for anything held in silence was respected and prayed for. 


Grillz shared thoughts he had recently heard from his pastor.  Three kinds of friendships were outlined and upon a little research Grillz found that Socrates had quite a bit to say on these friendships.  According to Grillz, this provided an idea around the journey he had experienced within F3.  Many of the reasons he had when starting were self serving in nature. But like the journey of life, he quickly discovered a deeper connection within the PAX.  He then wanted to invest in others and share the friendships.  Below is an outline of the three levels of friendship Grillz shared about….

Usefulness / utility:

In the first type, friendship based on utility, people associate for their mutual usefulness. These relationships are the most common. My coworker is my friend because the workday would be more painful if he were not. My classmate is my friend because I learn more when we study together. This type of friendship is, by nature, self-regarding and selfishly motivated, though mutually satisfactory.

Things in common / pleasure:

In the second type, people associate for the sake of general pleasure or delight. The crazy guy who is a friend because he’s hilarious fits into this category; so does a drinking buddy; so do the people on your intramural soccer team. These are relationships one forms to facilitate or eventuate one’s own pleasure. Again, these are self-regarding or self-focused relationships.

Spiritual /  mutual appreciation of the virtues that the other party holds dear:

In contrast, a third type of friendship, those grounded in virtue. Its participants necessarily share a set of values and principles of moral nature: I want for You what is good for You for the sake of You. This is an essentially selfless relationship. Each friend reveres and honors and, therefore, sustains, encourages, nurtures, supports, and celebrates what the other is and can become.

Aye- Folsom & Grillz

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