Backblast – Pit – Halleck Park – 10/31/20 – Smashmouth/Tator Tot

Happy Halloween edition at the Pit! 24 PAX (9 pre-runners and one had to dart prior to the beatdown) got out to enjoy the early mornings of Halloween. The clear morning with a full moon lit up the grassy. wooded park. Luckily the temperature warmed up from the week prior to allow the PAX to battle the gloom on a 42 degree morning. There were some all star costumes that showed up. Just to name a few, we had some creepy monsters or bad guys, refs, Toadstool and Luigi, Miller High Life drinker, Batman and Spiderman, some animals (Tony the Tiger, Fernidand, and a Turkey), 2 Chewbaccas, Rudy, Pirate?, Skeleton, a Tree/Hairy Sasquatch, Ketchup, a Sexy Bee (not really), and a few more that were unknown. The morning started off with a haunted Halloween introduction warning the PAX of the upcoming beatdown. It explained the new core principles with a PAX favorite of “always held outside, or in a barn filled with chainsaws.” Then the disclaimer that warned the PAX to “modify or be modified.” It ended with a spooky laugh and “Let’s mosey.” Still nobody knew who the Q’s were on this wonderful closing to Ghost Week. So as the group set off for a mosey into the park, Smashmouth and Tator Tot emerged and announced his leadership. The PAX gladly followed because they knew they’d be safe with him in the lead. Once the PAX arrived into the clearing, the blue moon shined a bright glow so all PAX knew what was next.

PAX: Zoro (Pre-run), Gunner, The Plague, Squeaky Clean, Big One, Khakis (Respect), Dr. Thunder, Firewalker,  Skittles, Toadstool, Tenderfoot, KOA, Ferdinand, High Life, Girl Dad, Stretch, Knobbs, Gipper, Bloodshot, Icy Hot, Gobbler, Tony the Tiger, Trench, Tator Tot, Smashmouth.

Warm a Rama – Led by Smashmouth

-Jack-o-lantern jumps – SSH 20 IC

-Tappy Taps -13 IC

-Candyman grabbers – Cherry Pickers 13 IC

-Frankenstein’s -13 IC

-High knees – calling out exercises resembling us jumping over graves (jump tuck), dodging bats, “Thriller” burpee

Pre-Thang: Led by Tator Tot who admitted these exercises were going to squirt ketchup out your butt…gross!

**1 x 4 count-up – 1 merkin x 4 AST up to 5 merkins x 20 AST

**1 x 4 count up – 1 tempo squat x 4 bonnie blairs up t 5 sumo squats x 20 bonnie blairs (this was terrible!)

The Thang:

Pyramid style workout – count off into 2 groups (1’s and 2’s) – Smashmouth took group 1 over to start at one side of the lake. Tator Tot took group 2 over to the other side of the lake. Each group started at their respective spots. • Each group did their exercises with their group – They started working themselves up the pyramid:o 10 burpees, 20 jump tucks, 30 merkins, 40 air squats, 50 Red Bull SSH • Then the group would run to the other side (halfway around),they held a plank,  al gored, or pick up the 6 until the rest of the group arrived.• Next they did the same exercises backwards going down the pyramid.o 50 Red Bull SSH, 40 air squats, 30 merkins, 20 jump tucks, and 10 burpees• Then the group would finish their lap around lake. • The group held a plank,  al gored, or pick up the 6 again until the rest of the group arrived.• AMRAP until 7:45 then Tator Tot called Omaha and the group ran back to the Shovel Flags


Tator Tot had 1 more surprise for the PAX. The Ketchup (blood) squirting challenge. One person from each group (1 and 2). Plague represented group 1 and Tony the Tiger represented group 2. The first person to squeeze all of the Huntz Ketchup (worst kind of Ketchup) out of the bottle into the bucket would win. The losing team, which was group 1, Plague failed, were responsible for 15 more burpees. The HIM from group 2, graciously decided to join in on the burpees. 

-Little Baby Chuckies (LBC’s) 20 IC

-Rise from the Graves – 13 IC

-Frozen Freddie K’s . 13 IC

-American Hammers 31 IC 


-T-Claps for Plague organizing Ghost week

-T-Claps for those who posted during the month of October for Khaki’s challenge

-Give2Give October Campaign

-Prayer for Wait Times father in law Dale.

The word “believe” came to mind on Halloween for many reasons. It holds a special place in my heart as one of my most meaningful words.  

There’s been so much negativity, there’s always naysayers so the message is to believe. By believing strongly, and with passion in something, or someone, it can help the universe change. Because you’ve changed by believing. Once you’ve changed, other things will start to follow. So… • Believe in life – it’s beautiful • Believe in your community, the common good, The HIM, our city, our country, and something greater than you• Believe in your M – build their love, their confidence, their energy• Believe in your kids – help them see their value, show them they are capable, help them see that they have the talents and gifts to get them where they want to be in this large world…they just need our help.• Believe in yourself – build confidence, reach goals, brings positivity, optimism, helps you know failure is ok and that it’s just part of the process, but then helps you get into a position to believe in others

Thank you for allowing me to lead at your wonderful site Gunner on this super cool holiday that all the PAX love!  I enjoyed this a lot and hold this as my VQ  moment.  

Aye! Smashmouth

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