AO: – Aldrich Elementary

October 31, 2020.  6:00 AM Time slot.  44 Degrees, and clear.  Beautiful weather for Halloween morning.

Ghost Qs: Vandelay (Hans) and Wait Time (Franz).  

PAX: Huffy, Stella, Skipper, Tugboat, Panty Hose, Scrapper, Party of Five, Armbar, Zerorez, U-Haul, Super Tasty, Zeebo, Slow Clap, Dementia, Sgt Slaughter, Birdman, Room Service, Saul, Thor, Night Crawler, Sister Act, Black Flag, Hard Hat, Tonight Show, Frosty, No Doz, Folsom, Greek Freak, Roadhouse, Two Step, Wentworth, LPC, Tuna Fish, Fumblerooski, Kenny G (RESPECT), Patton, Hans, and Franz

The PAX were assembling with abundant mumblechatter and anticipation for what may lie ahead.  Costumes were entertaining and well thought out – except for a few which shall remain nameless.  I was awaiting the arrival of Wait Time (Franz) because we planned for him to roll in hot so as not to give away our Ghost Q since we were basically dressed the same.  Once he was on site, we grouped up briefly, admired the gap in each other’s teeth, and moved in to start things off with a small SNL skit version of the Introduction which Wait Time crafted for our reference.  We almost followed most if it.

Hans: Hello, little girly men!  I am Hans.

Franz:  And I am Franz!

Both: And we are here to pump you up!

Franz: We come from a small village of weight lifters in Austria.  You might know our cousin.

Both: Arnold Schwarznegger

Hans: We are professional body builders, so girly men can modify as needed.

Franz: Are there any new little girly men?

Hans: This is F3.  We pump up little girly men for leadership.

Franz: We are open to all little girly men.

Hans: We are led in a rotating fashion by a lot of pathetic losers, like yourselves.

Franz: We are always outside, so if you are cold you are a girly man.

Hans: Hear me now and believe me later.  We are free.

Franz: We end with some pumped up muscles and a circle of trust.

Hans: Yah Franz, these pathetic losers could look like us at the end of the workout! 


Franz: If you want to play games with us, let me tell you one thing….let the games begin.

After the intro and Roadhouse noting that we lost our accent, we mosied by Mummy run to the basketball court for Warm-a- Rama.


Before you pump.  You must warm up, or else you might hurt the muscles.  

Proper Body Builder Poses followed by 

25 SSH IC, 12 Tappy Taps IC, 12 Windmills (slow-like) IC, 12 Tater Taps IC,


Franken- Steinl – Led by Franz

Bolt 45s – Led by Hans  (Halloween play off of the Bolts in Frankensteinl…….nevermind)


A Three Man Grinder which allowed for more mumble chatter and guys seemed to enjoy catching up in conversation.  A lot of commenting on costumes – referring to each other by costume name and generally a lot of laughter.

Cones were set up about 75 yards apart (in Methodist parking lot).  Hoping for a lot of spectator viewing – but not many people out at 6:30 AM.

Basic premise: 2 stations _ A and B with 1 man at A and 1 at B.  Runner relieves a teammate at station then that person runs to other station and so on.  From station A to B run mummy jog(arms extended).  From B back to A Scooby Doo Monster Run (Use your imagination).  Exercises at A and B were AMRAP until relieved.

Station A: Chest- Arms• Merkins • Mountain Climbers• Werkins • Plank Jacks • Cherry pickers • Chinooks with Vert Pickle Pushers• Sun Gods F and R

Station B: Foundation• Lunges (do some for each leg)• Freddie Mercuries• Smurf Jacks • Big Boys• Air Squats• Plank • Bobby Hurleys

At Omaha, Group huddled in the center of the lot to stay where there was plenty of light for post Beatdown Photo opps. Thanks to Compost for coming over to take the shot.


1 Big Boy sit up to 4 American Hammers – led by Franz.

Ended at 6 to 24.


No FNGs.  No Friendly New Girley Men

ANNOUNCEMENTS• Give 2 Give Campaign ends today – please consider a donation for F3 Nation Foundation• Congrats to U-Haul and Sister Act for completing the Khakis Challenge. Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone.

Go Ruck event on Veteran’s Day. Info will start coming out this week from Nightcrawler.

PRAYER REQUESTS• Prayers for Friend of No Doz.  This friend’s parents are in the hospital with COVID illness and are not doing well.• Prayers for Wait Time’s M and their whole family.  Wait Time and his M will be heading to Indiana today to see her father who is not doing well right now.  Keep them in your prayers this week.


Wait Time (Franz) shared some thoughts relative to the importance of the Second F in events such as this Halloween silliness.  We were working hard but everyone was really engaged in the fun of the day and creating a memory for all of us.  It is important for all of us to lean in to help foster this aspect of our group because it is really what carries us through hard times.  I (Hans) am regularly surprised at how much more a person can give when engaged with the group for the First F than when you are doing this alone.  Push each other and allow yourself to be pushed (maybe even lifted up).

Wait Time took us out in prayer


Vandelay (Hans for Today)

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