October 30, 2020 |The Combine | Peter Keiwit Middle School | Clear and 32

PAX (21): Rollbar, Patton, Hard Hat, Scrapper, Beethoven, Short Sale, Sparty, Spreadsheet (Hate), Nightcrawler, Riverdance, Cataracts, Skipper, Tube Socks, Merch, Khakis (Respect), Wait Time, Crusher, Tater Tot, Biff, Gunner, Roadhouse

Co-Q: Gunner and Roadhouse

It was Sunday, October 11th at 6:13 PM and I was watching a Zootopia with my son, Bodhi. My phone chimed but it was not the usual text or email sound. This was different. I grabbed it and looked and saw a notification on Slack. That’s weird. I don’t get many of those. I opened it up and saw it was a message from The Plague to me and Gunner. It read:

Good evening, GHOST Q WEEK is coming up in two weeks. I have you teamed up to Q a Friday beatdown on 10/30. Can you confirm that Friday will work for you both? Also, this is a secret so don’t tell anyone…SHHHHHH.

I smiled a big grin and responded… “I’m in!” And immediately my mind started racing with ideas. I had been to a few of Gunner’s Qs and they were always unique and fun. I knew we would make a great team! With his mind and my body, we had it all… (pause for laughter)

After some communications and teamwork, we decided to split up the workout. He would take Warm a rama and the pre-thang and I would take the Thang and Mary. It was a good plan. He sent me his and it was classic Gunner. I didn’t know half the workouts and I loved everything about it. Gunner was the most creative Q I have ever seen in action. I was so excited to partner with him. I got to work on my part of the workout and told him I would see him in the morning.

I pre-ran with a solid group of men and we returned to the shovel flag around 5:10. The PAX formed a circle and waited anxiously to see who was leading today. 5:11 and I resisted. 5:13 and I started shaking a little. 5:14 and I could hardly contain myself. Finally, the clock struck 5:15 and I stepped into the circle with my boy Gunner. We timed it perfectly. We then perfectly executed the 5:15 Pax greeting and opening Mission Statement, and the 5 Core Principles.

Gunner got the show rolling by having the Pax count in 1 and 2; line up and paired up with the man across. Did a brief mosey to the baseball field to perform Warm-O-Rama with their partner. The mumble chatter was already starting. PAX members were wondering what we were doing and what was next.

Warm-O-Rama was done in 2 lines – facing each other

  1. 10 Dirty Dogs (10 each leg)
  2. 15 I.C. Seated Tater Taps

10 backward lunges

Bear Crawl

  • 15 I.C. Sprinklers
  • 15 – Karate Kid Crane Kicks

Pax once again did a short little mosey back to the Pre-Thang set-up

Pre-Thang – At the baseball field

Maintained our partners and form a large circle facing each other.  An inner circle and an outer circle formation.

At home plate – have a stack of 8 cards with exercises on it.

The Pax circles rotate in a clock-wise manner performing side straddle hops until the cadence stops. Once the cadence stops, the pair closest to the cards leads the exercise on the card. After the exercise is done. SSH once again in a clockwise manner

The exercise Cards

  1. 10 IC Pickle Pushers
  2. 8 Turkish get-ups
  3. 10 IC Mountain Man Pooper
  4. 10 IC Pickle Pushers; 8 Turkish Get Up; 10 Mountain Main Poopers
  5. 10 IC Pickle Pikes
  6. 8 Dive Bombers
  7. 10 IC Oh-yeas (5 each arm)
  8. 10 IC Pickle Pikes; 8 Dive Bombers; 10 IC Oh-yeas (5 each arm)

This pre-thang was feeling eerily like one of Roadhouse’s sexy pre-thangs. Lots of pickles and Oh yeahs. I knew we would make a great team. In the interest of time we did eliminate cards 5,6,7

Gunner then handed it over to me to get the Thang going. I had the PAX mosey to the football field and line up on the goal line. We were going to go from one goal line to the other, but not in a traditional way. This was going to be fun. Might as well start with 10 burpees. The PAX did these together. Then we Zombie crawled to the 20 yard line. There we did 20 merkins. We then lunged to the 40 where we did 20 carolina dry docks. Zombie crawled to the other 40 and did 20 Chuck Norris merkins. Lunged to the 20 and did 20 werkins and lunged to the goal line where we did 10 more burpees.

Along the way, Patton called on himself for a couple of ten counts. There was chatter about people’s pants falling down and there were lots of moans and groans. Once we finished the burpees, we jogged the full 100 yards back and started over.

10 burpees followed by a 20 yard lunge. Air squats and some high knees. Copperhead Squats and some butt kickers. Sumo squats and a light jog calf raises and some more lunges. We finished with 10 more burpees. It was still dark. The moon was full in the sky. I could hear the PAX breathing heavy. We had finished. We had survived.

We moseyed back to the parking lot where we did Mary. 20 zombie crunches. 15 flutter kicks and 21 American hammers.

We knocked out name a rama without any hitches and moved to announcements and prayers.


F3 Foundation is starting a Give2Give program. See Tater or Sparty for details


Wait Time’s M’s dad is close to the end of his life. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.


Gunner opened up the COT by talking about his week and the how he fell victim to the Mammon. He let his job dictate the week and felt that he wasn’t his best. (though Gunner not at his best is better than most at their best). He talked about making sure that we are focused on being a good person more than a good employee.

I piggybacked on that and talked a little bit about fear. Being defined by my job has been a fear of mine and I shared a Emerson quote that says, “ He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” Think about that. In my past if I conquered one or two fears a year I felt like a stuntman. Emerson says doing it everyday is the key. So I challenged the PAX to reflect on the fears that are holding them back. What is getting in your way. Fear is a debilitating emotion and all it does is prevent us from becoming the person we want to become. So whether they are small fears like Qing a workout or trying something new or big fears that are getting in our way, we have to acknowledge them, and then find the courage to move past them. It’s the only way, we achieve greatness. 

Scrapper then took us out in prayer and the Combine beatdown was over. Happy Halloween Men!

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