October 31, 2020 / AO – The Canyon / Weather: 45 degrees

PAX (7): FDIC, Spreadsheet, Mac N’ Cheese, Lucky Charms, Side Dish, Fairy Tale, Jean Claude

Q: Jean Claude and Fairy Tale

This Q was planned collaboratively completely over virtual means. Jean Claude and I(Fairy Tale) had actually never met in person until the Q! We got the message from The Plague weeks before, and had lots of time to plan this Halloween beatdown to finish out Ghost Week. It was a great time.

Jean Claude took on a pre-run and returned before the rest of the PAX arrived, in costume. At 7:00, the F3 Mission and five principles, along with the disclaimer, were all stated. Then we were off to Zombieland.


(“Thriller” by Michael Jackson played for the first exercises until “Roxanne”)

-SSH- 13IC

-cherry pickers- 13IC

-sun gods- 13IC (forward, backward)

-Tappy Taps- 13IC

-Imperial Walkers- 13IC

-”Roxanne”: Everyone held a plank while ‘Roxanne’ by The Police plays. Every time the chorus “put on the red light” played, plank jacks.


Zombie fartlek to songs by Rob Zombie with in-between burpee stations

-18 minutes of zombie-walking, 166 burpees total

-This was done on the riverfront path in one big loop

1. “Superbeast” burp on “Superbeast”-6

-”Gutbusters” (burp on “Ghostbusters”-21): planks

2. “Dragula” Burp on “Dragula”-9

-Monster Mash (burp on “Mash”-30): SSH

3. “Living Dead Girl” burp on “Living”-9

-The Purple People Eater (burp on “people-eater”-14): sumo squats

4. “More Human Than Human” burp on “More”-20

-Time Warp (burp on “time warp”-15): air squats

5. “Never Gonna Stop” burp on “Never”-26

-Zombie Zoo (burp on “zombie zoo”-16):  windmills

The Post-Thing: Mosey the rest of the way to the entrance for 6MOM


Song = Cranberries: Zombie 


-On the word “head”: Mahktar N’Diayes (16 total)

-On the word “Zombie”: Groiner (12)

-Song was 5 minutes

CoT: Related to the holiday, talked about fear and overcoming it. F3 provides a space to overcome fear and other obstacles as a community, and community is key.

By the end of the workout, about half of everyone’s costumes were effectively “altered”. Jean Claude’s suit had ripped, as he predicted, I realized I had lost my goggles somewhere on the path, and everyone’s leg muscles were as dead as zombies. Happy Halloween!


Fairy Tale and Jean Claude

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