Back Blast: Boo Q! – Choices – The running care or the wood shed
Date: 10.30.2020
AO: The Golden Spike

Pax: The Big One, Splinter, Mufasa, Tugboat, Sister Act, Slow Clap, Dirty Bird, Tin cup, Black flag, Zeebo, Wentworth, Kevin(Mother Goose) – FNG, Saul, Folsom, Waterboy, Zero-rez, FDIC, No doze, LPC, Vandalay, Pantyhose, Birdman, Room service, Tonight show, Toto

QIC: Toto and Tonight Show

Conditions: 32 degrees breeze out of the north around 5(ish) mph and overall a great gloom to run from a slasher!

BOO!!  Toto and Tonight Show jump out of the circle to lead the Ghost Q this morning.  The mission statement was given and the disclaimer that we were not professionals.  Further disclaimers that this was Halloween Eve and slashers could be lurking in the bleachers.

Pax took a mosey around the track and circled up at midfield to commence WaR.  

  • Side straddle hop * 20 IC
  • Tappy taps * 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers * 20 IC
  • Tater taps * 15 IC

Pax then numbered off in fours.  Group one and three were given the option to flee to the running car or hide in woodshed with axes and meat cleavers.  They both chose the meat cleavers. (Don’t they realize the half naked female always ends up getting caught by Jason in the shed?)

With that group two and four went with Toto to the running car and group one and three went with Tonight Show to the shed.

The Thang:
The “running” car
Rd. 1
Stationary- Chop your feet
Traverse- Zig Zag defensive shuffle down, Sprint Back

Stationary- Mountain Climbers
Traverse- Bear Crawl down, Bounding Back

Stationary- Bobby Hurly’s
Traverse- High Knees down, Butt kicks back

Stationary- Burpees
Traverse- Karaoke down and back

The meat cleaver shed
Rd 1
Monster Merkins * 10
Poison cherry pickers * 10 IC
Freddy Krueger Mercury * 11 IC
Run up and down the Hellscape Stairs

Rd 2
Acid Dips * 10
Carolina Dread Docks * 10
Dying Cockroach * 11 IC
Run up and down the Hellscape Stairs

Rd 3
Dying for Derkins * 10
Blades of steel * 10 IC
Don’t run with scissor kicks * 10 IC
Run up and down the Hellscape Stairs


After 12 minutes pax switched so everyone got to experience fleeing for their lives or hiding in the wood shed.

Omaha was called and Pax headed to 6MoM

Cadence was passed around the circle as all pax completed the following
Flutter Kicks * 25 IC
American Hammer * 25 IC

With that everyone had made it out alive… (We think… everyone can’t possibly survive the sequel right?!?)

Tonight Show led the COT and reminded the pax that listening to a great message that stirs your heart can be deceptive especially if you the truth of that message doesn’t stir you to action.  We are men of action.  When you hear the call, act!  Do not be deceived by simply listening.  Toto led us out in prayer.

Give 2 Give campaign is still going and there is still time to donate.  Follow this link to donate.

Halloween is tomorrow – be sure to post in costume

Several pax are battling injuries or have family and friends that have been affected by COVID or other illnesses.  TAPS to those affected by illness.

We think everyone survived and was able to escape which was shocking for a slasher flick.

T-claps to those on track for the Khakis challenge. You’re almost there! Looking at you Sister Act

Always proud to be part of this group
Toto and Tonight Show

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