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Weather 40F, overcast, slight brisk wind

PAX (14) Cataracts, Selleck, Patton, Pantyhose, Folsom, Tonight Show, Mufasa (raer), Sister Act, Tug Boat (toot toot), Skillett (Respect), Tube Socks, Short Sale, Hart Hat, Nightcrawler

2.0s (22) Siren Head (5), Eiffel Tower (9), Spottless Cheetah (6), Donut Queen (4), Sketchers (13), Mahomey (8), Big Bertha(10), Potato Salad (9), Excite Bike (6), Zelda (9), Triple Threat (14), Marvel (10), The Entertainer (10), Metal Ninja(?), Mountain Goat (7), Sizzle (9), Unicorn (6), Wrigley (10), Bolt (9), Hammer Head (7), Shake It (6), Kix (6)

QICs Nightcrawler, Shake It, Kix

YHC greeted PAX & 2.0s. Explained my name is Ben, I’m a dad, Shake IT is my daughter, Kix is my niece, and the men inthis group of silly dads call me Nightcrawler. Asked if any of the kids had an F3 name already. Told the FNKs that didn’t they would get a special F3 name after completing their first F3 workout! F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Explained why each “F” is important. F3’s mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. Explained what leadership is. Five CorePrinciples: Free, Open to all men, always held outdoors, take turns leading, and ends in a Circle of Trust. Disclaimer- We’re here to move our bodies and have fun together. That’s what is important! I’m not trained to make up workouts, so if you feel uncomfortable doing an exercise… just come up with something fun and do that! Ready to have some fun and move our bodies?! 

Slowsy to the blacktop next to Aldrich. Circle Up. Explained that before we get to the REALLY fun exercise, we need to get our bodies warmed up.


– Side straddle hops x 10 IC

– Goofballs x 10 IC

– Goofballs x 10 IC… but EVEN GOOFIER!

– Swooping Butterflies x 5 L, 5 R (Make a butterfly with your hands over head. Feet should width apart. Flap the butterfly’s wings and swoop arms in a big circle all the way down to your feet and back up overhead). 

– Fire Feet (Running in place. Feet heat up so you have to run faster! Wave hands at feet really fast to cool them off, paceslows when they cool off… but the fire feet heat up again!When YHC randomly shouts “Down!” touch your chests to ground then jump back up to fire feet.)

Slowsy to the back of Aldrich for a Pre-Thang. 

Pre Thang

Kids line up along the wall keeping distance between sibling groups. Hold Wall Sit.

Dad’s line up facing their 2.0s but 6 feet away from them. Hold Air Squat.

Dad and 2.0s chain run through the middle of the two lines and reset on the other side. 

Rinse & repeat for about 2 cycles. Be sure to cheer each dad/2.0 team on as they run through!!

The Thang

Three cones set in a triangle approx. 75’ apart on soccer field. PAX numbered off into 3 dad/2.0 groups. Each group assigned a starting cone. Dad & 2.0(s) choose an exercise from the list provided or come up with one. Dad & 2.0(s) take turns lead their group in one exercise for 10-20 reps then group rotates(via mosey) to next cone. Goal = every dad gets an opportunity to lead with their 2.0(s). Rinse & repeat until “Omaha” is called.

Post Thang

Red Light, Green Light across soccer fields. Dad/2.0 team calling RL/GL rotated. After 2-3 rotations, mode of transportation for “Green Light” switched from running, to skipping, to broad jumping, to bear crawling. After everyone had a turn “Omaha” was called. Slowsy to the blacktop. Mumblechatter: Skillet’s 2.0, Sizzle, NAILED US on the oldest playground trick in the book: the double red light. Savvy. Classic. 

Split up into our three groups for The Thang for FNK naming and Name-O-Rama. T-Claps to Folsom and Tonight Show for running the other groups. 


Explained the Circle of Trust. Gave PAX opportunity to say prayers and thoughts for anything that was on their heart. Thanked the group for the opportunity to lead the workout. It was really fun coming up with ideas with my 6-year-old daughter, Shake It, and 6-year-old niece, Kix – visiting from Ft. Collins, CO! We do all this so we can be better dads, husbands, friends, and men for our community. Took a knee for moment of silence with Sky Q. Asked PAX to think of one kind thing they can do for someone else today and to commit to doing it. 

*T-claps to Gunner for letting me borrow his camera!

Notes: Excite Bike came up to me after the workout and said, “I can’t wait to workout with you again, Nightcrawler.” MELTED. MY. HEART. For those of you who couldn’t/didn’t make it out… do yourself a solid and post to the next 2.0 workout. Watching HIM dad alongside other HIM for a 2.0 buildup (not beatdown) was truly special.Some serious 2nd F occurred with my 2.0 and my niece, who I rarely get to see, as we planned the workout together the night before, did the workout, and talked about it later that day. If you don’t have kids, bring a niece, nephew, neighbor kid, etc. who needs a positive male role model in their life. My niece Addy asked, “Uncle Ben-ehNightcrawler? Will you call me Kix from now on?” Uhhhhh…. YEAH!!



P.S. It took me a week and a half to submit this back blast.Tclaps to Vandelay for not choking me out. Seriously, brother. My apologies for the absurd delay. I’ll do better.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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