10/22/20: The Sandlot, a crisp ____ with a bit of a light show

PAX: Knobbs, Tonight Show, Squeaky Clean, Ferdinand, Tony the Tiger, Zoro, Pea Soup, KOA, Trench, Luigi, Jean-Claude, Firewalker

QIC: Crawl. VQ! Whoop!Whoop!

As the finest running AO in Omaha does not require a lot of set up time, just calculate route and go, A few PAX did a #prerunrun in preparation for the ensuing running. At 5:30amCrawl welcomed the arriving PAX, detailed the F3 mission and core principals, and laid out the ensuring route of running loopdy-loops around the Sandlot. The PAX were assembled into groups of three to work together on pace and focus on fellowship. 


We ran! 


We ran faster! and finished with total mileage of about 4 miles 


While waiting for the final group of pavement pounders the remaining PAX completed 3 impromptu rounds of Groiners x 10 directly to Mountain Climbers x 10 IC directly to Merkins x 10. 

Announcements and Prayers: AO Boss Man Firewalker reminded the PAX to continue to be thoughtful and safe in the current COVID environment. In addition to adhering to social distancing guidelines for safety, as leaders, optics are also important. No immediate prayer requests. 

Circle of Trust – Message from the Q – Crawl 

We are in a unique world right now, both with the current political season and the continued COVID impacts on everyone. It can be easy to look at all the outside factors and wonder how it is going to impact us and our families. As I think about my 6yo son (Captain) I take comfort in the fact that no one, or no thing, is going to impact him more than me. I know life can be crazy and challenging, but think about this with your own families, and with the PAX, – no one is more impactful than you. 

Crawl finished with a short reflection and simple prayer: Lead us to Learn, Lead us to Lead, lead us to Live. 

Aye! Crawl

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