F3Omaha October 24, 2020

10/24/2020: The Oracle, 23 degrees, calm & clear

PAX: Birdman, Room Service, Cyclone (Respect), Tugboat, U-Haul, Saul, Pele, Two-Step, Grillz, Sister Act, Touche, Pantyhose, Sgt. Slaughter, Scrapper, No-doze, Nailed-it, Zerorez, Wait Time, Vandelay (Respect), Roadhouse, Armbar, Smashmouth, FDIC, The Plague

QIC (VQ): Magic –

The thermometer in Magic’s car read a crisp 23 degrees on the way to the AO. Any wondering about how many PAX would post despite the cold weather was cut short by Magic suddenly discovering that Blondo St. was closed and another route would have to be taken to 156th St. Slight panic ensued but Magic still reached the AO in time to setup and get back to the shovel flags with a few minutes to spare. It was a good group for a cold Saturday morning. At 6am, Magic gathered the group, delivered the F3 mission, core principles, and the disclaimer. The PAX took a short mosey to the Methodist parking lot for Warm-A-Rama.


20 SSH (IC)

12 Tappy Taps (IC)

20 Sun Gods (10 forwards, 10 backwards)

15 Cherry Pickers

Global Warming – PAX got into the Al Gore position and slowly shuffled around the circle. YHC then called out exercises to be performed. In between exercises the PAX continued to shuffle around the circle while holding an Al Gore. The following exercises were performed during Global Warming: 20 Air Squats, 20 Bobby Hurley’s, 20 High Knees (IC), 20 Bonnie Blairs (IC). The smoking of the PAX’s leg muscles had begun. 

Thang 1:

The PAX partnered up and moseyed to the soccer field area behind the school. Magic explained to the PAX that they would be performed a modified Dora 1-2-3. Cones had been set up on either side of the field. Magic placed the cones 160 ft. apart since it was opening day for Nebraska football and the width of a football field is 160 ft. The partner groups then cumulatively completed the following exercises:• 100 Hand Release Merkins. While partner 1 performed the merkins, partner 2 ran to the cone and back. Partners then flap jacked until the 100 merkins had been performed.• 200 Dying Cockroaches (IC). This time instead of running to the cone and back, the PAX would run to the cone and bear crawl back.• 300 Stationary Lunges. This time instead of bear crawling back from the cone, the PAX would Broad-Jump Burpee their way back.

Mumble chatter quickly subsided when the beatdown began. It was replaced with Wait Time gasping “Sh$$#*$tttt” under his breath after completing a set of Broad-Jump Burpees. YHC took this as an indication that the beatdown was going as planned. As groups finished they either Al Gored, Planked, or picked up the 6 until everyone was done. 

Thang 2

There was still a bit of time left when the PAX completed the modified Dora so they moseyed over to the basketball court. The PAX divided into 4 groups and each started at one of the stations set up around the court. Each station had a list of exercises that would be performed until the group was pushed to the next station.• Station 1 (push group)o Round 1 – 20 Chicken Peckers (IC)o Round 2 – 20 Donkey Kicks• Station 2 (AMRAP)o Rd. 1 – Diamond Merkinso Rd. 2 – Carolina Dry Docks• Station 3 (AMRAP)o Rd. 1 – Freddie Mercury’so Rd. 2 – Box Cutters• Station 4 (AMRAP)o Rd. 1 – Air Squatso Rd. 2 – Monkey Humpers

Announcements & Prayers:• The Plague reminded the group that next week is Ghost Week. The Q for each beatdown will not be known until you show up that morning.• Vandelay reminded the PAX to continue practicing social distancing and not to post if you’re not feeling well.

Circle of Trust – Message from the Q – Magic:

Today is a day many people have been waiting a long time for – the return of Nebraska football. They are playing a game in which they expected to lose by 26 points. No one expects them to win against the Buckeyes. But do you think the Nebraska players have the same expectation? I hope not. Magic has been a runner for a long time and related these expectations to a bit of running history. Generations of runners legitimately believed that running a mile in under 4 minutes was impossible. They believed it was beyond the capabilities of the human body. Do you know how long it took to shatter that belief that was held for decades?? Three minutes and fifty-nine seconds. It only took 3:59 to break a paradigm that for decades was seen as concrete. And after one person accomplished this feat, a multitude of runners started to break the 4 minute barrier. Once the artificial constraint/expectation was removed, people excelled beyond what was previously thought to be impossible. Do not place these same types of low expectations and artificial constraints on your own success. You will never outperform a constraint you have imposed on yourself. Have the mindset of the Husker players today – expect to win. Expect great things of yourselfeven though it may appear daunting. If you set great expectations for yourself, you may surprise yourself with the outcome.


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