The Oracle Back Blast. 10/24/20. 7 AM.

F3 Omaha October 24, 2020- The Oracle AO 0700, Skipper VQ

10/24/2020:  The Oracle 0700 edition.  27 degrees, dry conditions, clear, no wind

PAX:  Selleck, Brazilian, 6 Shooter, Magic, Vandelay, Room Service, Da Vinci, Sweet Tooth, Roll Bar, Wentworth, Tonight Show.

VQ: Skipper.  Skipper presented the mission and disclaimers.

Warm-A-Rama:  the PAX moseyed approximately ¾ mile loop and back to Aldrich Elementary School.

Pre Thang:

20 SS hops, 10 windmills, 10 forward sun gods, 10 reverse son gods, 10 imperial walkers, 15 cherry pickers, 10 high knees.  

The Thang:

Consisted of forming groups of 2-3 and rotating stations.  Push station was an approximately 40 meter ladder- PAX were to shuffle 20 meters, do a burpee, shuffle back, do a burpee, run 40 meters, burpee, and then back.  Other stations to rotate through (AMRAP) were Plank Jacks, Flutter Kicks, Bonnie Blairs, and Merkins.

After going through all stations, number of burpees was increased to 2 for push station and other stations were changed to Sumo Squats, Freddy Mercurys, LBCs, and Carolina Dry Docks.

Then short mosey loop.

6 MOM:

10 Dollys, 10 Freddy Mercurys, 12 American Hammer (cadence count rotated around), 1 minute plank.


Count off and Name-A-Rama.  Name-A-Rama re-recorded due to Q hitting the wrong button first time.

Announcement & Prayer:  Prayers for Selleck’s in-laws, after they were evacuated from Estes Park due to fire.

Circle of Trust – Message from the Q- Skipper:

Suggestions for anyone to help manage anxiety.

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