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October 23rd

PAX- Wait Time, Griswold, Black Flag, Zeebo, Tugboat, No Doze, Tonight Show, The Big One, Wentworth, Khakis, Tin Cup, Sister Act, Zero Rez, FDIC, Thor, Short Sale, Chicken Little, Selleck, Dirty Bird, Vandelay, Mufasa, Blue Suede, Saul

Q: Roadhouse

I pulled up to the Spike at 4:40 AM. My car said it was 36 degrees outside. Was going to be chilly… Little did I know. I opened the car door and heard the wind blowing. A second later, I felt it. I immediately regretted not looking at the weather before heading to the workout. I haven’t felt a chill like that since my first marriage.

I had some setting up to do so I moseyed onto the football field. I had printed off my several copies of my Weinke and was hoping to place them around the field. I realized that the wind would be a factor. There was a shed on the side of the field, and I walked behind it to find some rocks. These rocks would serve as my paper weights. What a genius idea… I placed the sheets of paper around the field with the rocks on top of them and headed back to the entrance to meet some PAX for a pre-run.

FDIC, Vandelay, No Doze, Saul and The Big One were there and ready to run. We shared some common sentiments about the cold and the wind and then started on our jog. The run was good, the conversation was better. As we circled back towards the field, I let them continue and I had to finish setting up. As I walked onto the field, I noticed some of my sheets of paper blowing around the field. How could this be? I had put small rocks on them… did that not work?

I had some extras so I went back behind the shed and gathered up some more rocks. It must have been a quantity issue. I scurried around the field placing my sheets in the right places. It was almost 5:30 so I jogged to the shovel flags to meet the PAX.

A small group has started gathering. Some familiar faces, some new faces, one Down Ranger from Waxhaw, NC. His name was Chicken Little. By the time we hit 5:30, there were 24 of us. I rattled through the five core principles and what F3 stood for. I introduced myself, let them know I was not a professional and welcomed them to the beatdown.

We were going to start with a lap around the track. I let the PAX get out in front of me and as I got onto to the track, I saw more pieces of paper flying about… oh boy. This was going to be a dumpster fire.

After our lap we circled up at the 50 yard line for warm-a-rama.


SSH’s (Jumping Jacks) 20 IC

Tater Taps 15 IC

Big Ones 15 IC

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Sun Gods 10 each  

During Warm-a-rama, more and more sheets of paper scooted across the field like tumbleweed in an old western film. PAX members chased them down and brought them to me. I didn’t know what to do with them so I wadded them up and put them in my pocket. I told the PAX not to worry about the sheets, it would be fine. I knew the workout and would share it with them. Let the paper go… let the paper go!

After Warm-a-rama I instructed the group to run from the 50 yard line to either goal line and back to the 50 for a pre thang. But not just any pre-thang, my trademark Sexy pre-thang. I was excited about this for multiple reasons. The first was because Selleck was there and he had never been a part of my sexy-pre thang. This thing has his name written all over it. The other reason I was excited was because of Chicken Little. I love when we have a Down Ranger and I make them dry hump the air while they look at their fellow PAX members. Welcome to F3Omaha Chicken Little!

SEXY PRE-THANG: Guys, lets get in touch with our bodies for this pre-thang and get weird. If you don’t feel sexy after this set… you did it wrong

Pickle pushers 20 IC

Pickle Pointers 20 IC

Oh Yeahs x10 each arm

Monkey Humpers 20 IC (Requested by Slick)

Calf Raise with an Air Hump 20 (these were for you Slow Pitch)

I just love the this pre-thang. I always hear laughter and see smiles and it makes my whole morning. Now it was time for the Thang. We counted off in groups of 4. Once we had our groups I sent each group to the four separate corners of the football field. We were going to start on the goal line, run 40 yards, do an exercise and run back to the goal line. We would do each set of exercises four times and then move onto the next set. The exercises were as follows: 

10 burpees

20 merkins

30 Airsquats


After the 40 burpees, I was cashed. Zero Rez was next to me and I could hear him breathing hard. He fought through. The rest of my group pushed. We finished the 40 burpees, then the 80 merkins, the 120 squats and finally the 160 LBCs. We actually did 20 more burpees before I called Omaha.

As we met in the middle of the field, The Big One called out a question. “Where’s Roadhouse? What got into you this morning…” This made me smile. The workout did its job. It pushed the PAX.

We circled up and did Mary. Very simple.


Flutter Kicks 40 IC

American Hammer 40 IC

And then we were done. The workout was over. I also had two pocket fulls of paper bulging in my sweats.

We circled up for Name-a rama and gave a special shout out to our brother/Nantan Tater Tot who was turning 40 today. I asked for announcements and prayers.


Next week is BOO week. You won’t know who is Qing, just show up!

Wentworth shared a Third F opportunity to help at the South Omaha food kitchen next week. See him for details.


Keep Slow Pitch and his family in mind as they recover from Covid

Happy Birthday to Tater Tot. Our selfless leader turns 40 today.

I delivered the COT (found below) and then our Down Range Chicken Little led us out in prayer. It was a good morning!


James Allen once said, “Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” I want you to reflect on this difficult year and what you have revealed about yourself. The truth is that those who have stepped up during this dark time will be remembered for their courage. Conversely, those who have shrunk in this time of gloom will be remembered poorly…

Well, the adversity isn’t over, the opportunity to lead still exists. The fact is that the world is desperate for leadership and the men of F3 have the ability to step into that gap.

So do the right thing…even if that means speaking up when you see something that is not right. Disagreeing with the majority, making your voice heard. You know what is right and you know how to do it. That’s why you are here… in this group… with these men.

Be great!

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