PAX: 11 – Spreadsheets, Mac N Cheese, Buns of Steel, Blue Suede, Fairy Tale, Beta Max, Gumbo, Demogorgon, Waffle House YHC 51-53, Hashtag, Sampras
VQ: Hashtag!
Weather: 25 & Clear

PAXMumbleChatter concerning the colors of the downtown towers was broken when Hashtag announced that it was 7:00 a.m., and “The mission of F3 is to plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.” An eager PAX helped YHC define our five core principles. Shovel Flags waved us good bye as a Mosey into the Gloom began.

SSH time x25
Sun Gods 10f-10r- Mumble chatter from Blue Suede reminds the PAX that Hashtag is not a professional.
Merkins x20- Fairly Tale joins in with a huge smile and a secret.
Tater Taps x20

The Roman Grinder
Bear Crawl across the parking lot- Squats x25- Burpees x5
Rinse and Repeat six times for a total of three Roman Grinders. PAX was respectful of Hashtag’s ingenuity, however the “Keep Grinding” spirit was quickly overtaken by the Gloom.

With honor & respect a Husker Run was announced! To which BetaMax quickly announced regrets for his 3.2 mile pre-run with Gumbo!
The run was broken with one stop for each opponent scheduled this season:
Lil Red or Herbie? Herbie it is- burpees x5

Brutus Buckeye- mountain climber 20 IC -plank jacks 20 IC
Little Red or Herbie? -Herbie it is- burpy X10
Bucky Badger- tappy taps 16 IC -cherry pickers 16 IC
Willie the Wildcat -LBC 15ic -Hello Dolly x15
Nittany Lion -flutter kicks 15 IC -big boys x15 -Demogorgon inspired PAX with a “keep Grinding” attitude!
Fighting Ilini -dips x20 -derkins x15
Herky Hawkeyes- truck jumps 15 IC -high knees x30
Perdue Pete -air squats 20 IC -wide squats sumo squats 20 IC
Goldie Gopher -bobby hurly’s x20 -jump tucks 15 IC Spooky Sprint Omaha -mountain climber x20 IC -plank jacks x10
Little Red or Herbie? Lil Red -ssh20

Highlights included American hammer round the horn from Sampras & Plank + timepiece from BetaMax
Boo! Rome! River! Mascots!

Respect to VQ Hashtag

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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