October 21, 2020 //AO: Paradise Island // Paradise Bakery, Regency // 420 and Clear

“Our Words and Actions Have an Impact”

PAX: LPC, Toto, Tenderfoot, Sampras, Biff, Vandelay, Mac N Cheese, FDIC, Betamax, Cataracts, FireWalker, Saul, Merch, Two Step, Wentworth, Tonight Show, Welcome FNG – Chase (AKA Demogorgon), The Plague, Hashtag, Sister Act, Ferdinand, Tony the Tiger, No Doze, High Life, Trench, Water Boy.

Q: Icy Hot

YHC arrived at 445am as the pre-runners took off from the shovel flags. The pre-runners turned around and were willing to wait for Icy Hot, but he told them to go ahead. The pre-runners did pick up Mac N Cheese as they took off once more from the shovel flags. Icy stayed back since he needed to read the QSource again as he was also leading that discussion this morning. He was nervous about leading this discussion. As he was preparing for QSource the PAX began to arrive for the 515am beatdown.

The PAX was promptly welcomed at 515am with the F3 mission statement, core principles and the disclaimer. No FNG’s were present at this point in time. 


PAX moseyed to warm-a-rama


Mt. Climbers 20 IC

Plank Jacks 20 IC

Tappy Taps 12 IC

Cherry Pickers 12 IC

The PAX moseyed around the AO for a beatdown stopping along the route for various exercises.

Stop 1: ATM’s 15, 10 count, ATMs 10

Stop 2: LBC’s 15 IC, Flutter Kicks 15 IC, Hello Dolly 15 IC

Firewalker mentioned to YHC that Icy should do a third set of ATM’s next time and call it the “Biofreeze.” He told Firewalker he would keep that under advisement.

Stop 3: Dips 20, Derkins 20

Stop 4: 10 count before we continue the mosey back to the shovel flags


As we began Mary an FNG arrived.He was welcomed by The Plague and participated in Mary.

American Hammers 20 IC


With all that is going on in our community and with our PAXlet’s remember to be minimize contact with others and keeping our physical distancing during workouts.

Next week is ghost week. You will not know who the Qic is until you arrive at the AO.

PAX is encouraged to wear costumes to the Halloween workout on 10/31.

Prayers for LPC’s family, the family of BetaMax’s co-worker, all the PAX members and their families who are suffering from illness.

COT: I am a quiet individual who does not talk much during a beatdown. I am primarily concerned with just trying to get through the workout. However, I am very observant and listening to other PAX as they share. I show up everyday trying to learn from each of you. I have learned so much from watching and listening. I have watched how this group supports each other through queensservice, by offering advice to others to improve their relationships with their M or 2.0s, and the willingness to just listen when a PAX needs to talk. No matter how long you have been apart of F3, people are watching and listening. We are all impacting each other and you may not know the effect you are having on others in this group. This hit home for me when I was told by a fellow PAX that I motivated him to try out the Murph on a Monday and to start pre-running. You never know who you will impact or how you will impact someone’s life. As a member of F3 continue to accelerate and be the best version of yourself.

Aye! Icy Hot

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