10/20/2020. The Wild Kingdom AO | The Darkest AO

PAX: 14 – Grillz, Wait Time, Thor, Sister Act, Scrapper, Night Cralwer, Cheap Seats, Pain Killer, Borland, Sprout, Zerorez, FNG-Starsky, Thomas, Mufasa

QIC: Mufasa

Weather: 36 & no wind at all, which is unusual for a morning in the Wild

Welcomed and thanked all for coming and explained what F3 stood for, FITNESS, FELLOWSHIP and FAITH.  Introduced myself to the PAX and welcomed the FNG (nka Starsky).  I immediately awarded everyone with 10 merkins since they solved the 1st Riddle Reward per my Twitter pre-blast which was Which AO site is the darkest in the world?  

I then Explained the 5 core principles and gave my usual disclaimer, I am a Professional Insurance Agent, not a Professional Trainer, so modify as needed.  

Instructed the PAX that we would be solving riddles, going on an adventure into the Wild and doing some exercises based on the notes left at each station.  Also mentioned to the HIM, before we start the particular exercise(s) at each station, we would do 10 merkins.

Instructed the PAX to mosey to the Parking lot for Warm o Rama where we first did 10 merkins and then 10 IC each way Sungods, 10 IC Tappy Taps.  Read the 2nd riddle which was, this is where the soccer player Pele, would definitely hang out at.  Most HIM knew the answer as the soccer field, so we mosey’d to the first soccer net and found out this was not correct.  

Did 10 Merkins and then a 5 burpee Penalty Kick.  Since we didn’t solve the first riddle, we had to try the other soccer net and mosey’d to the end of the field and performed 10 Merkins.    

Since this was the 3rd Stop and it was the correct goal post, I said Good job fellas, you scored.  Speaking of scoring, lets do 10 Pickle Pushers.  

Next Riddle:  We do this every morning, we POST, so find the Post to see what is on tap.  Quick tip, mosey to the hill, but then let Crab Cakes go first, since he loves this exercise up the hill.  Although everyone knew Crab cakes is the master of bear crawls, he was not in attendance and Night Crawler was the first one up the hill towards the dam.  Found the Post at the top of the hill and did the 10 Merkins.  The POST theme was:  If Wait Time had a middle name it would be this.  You guessed it right boys, we did the STEINL.            

Next Riddle:  A boat trailer needs this but be careful and not slip because you may get wet.  Mosey’d over to the ramp and led the PAX with 10 Merkins and 20 IC Alternating Shoulder Taps on the decline of the ramp.

Next Riddle:  We now know where Pele hung out, we know Wait Time loves to Steinl, and we know a boat trailer needs a ramp but where would a Bear eat at?  Night Crawler yelled out, the woods, but Thomas quickly stated that is where a Bear poops, and Night Crawler said so does he.  The Rest of the PAX said the Picnic area so we mosey’d to the Picnic area by the bathroom Hut.  Unfortunately, this was the wrong picnic area.  Started with the usual 10 Merkins and had a 5 Burpee Penalty.  Mosey’d to the Picnic area by the shovel flags and found the next set of exercises.    

10 Merkins to start and then using a Picnic Bench, we did 10 Dips, 10 step ups and 10 Derkins.  Finished that station with 25 IC LBCs.  Since I am all about games and having fun with my workouts, we were a little early but we still ventured to the shovel flags for Mary. 

Instructed Borland to pick an exercise and he chose Low Dolleys, did 30 IC.  Had Sister Act do the next and he chose a first for me, Frozen Freddies IC 25 and I ended the workout with 28 IC American Hammers(2 times around the circle.)

Name o Rama

Named the FNG, Starsky


COT= Short and sweet.  Look for the opportunity to help out today or this week.  There are always people needing help.  Encouraged Cheap Seats with his truck to help some of the HIM that are helping Jeeves move this weekend.  Speaking of which, I need to text Cheap Seats the address.  

Good day fellas!



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