October 15, 2020//Memorial Park//AO- Futurama//Approx. 42 degrees Fahrenheit but it felt
colder due to wind//

Pax: Polaroid, Wrong Way, Hipster, U-Haul, Dirty Bird, KC, Sister Act, Hashtag, Grease Fire,
Two Step, Touche, Icy Hot, Drone Strike, E85, Nugent, Lucky Charms, Side Dish, Samples &

Q: Tugboat

Whelp, YHC performed the customary introduction – check for Friendly New Guys, explanation
of the F3 acronym, listing of the 5 core principles and disclaiming of the disclaimer. Then we
took a very short mosey from the shovel flags to the green berm area and began our Warm-a-rama.

20 Side Straddle Hops In Cadence
15 Tappy Taps In Cadence
15 Tater Taps In Cadence
15 Windmills In Cadence
10 Sun Gods Forward Rotation In Cadence
10 Sun Gods Revers Rotation In Cadence
20 Mountain Climbers In Cadence

Pre-Thang: Sing-A-Long . . . With Consequences
YHC instructed the group to assume and hold plank position while we began a sing-a-long.
YHC started with the first verse of the Cheers theme song (“Making’ your way in the world
today takes everything you’ve got”) while we all held our planks. Then YHC pointed to a
random PAX and asked them to sing the second verse. If that next PAX sang the verse correctly
with the correct words, then we would proceed to the third verse, and so on until completion.
However, if the next PAX sang the next verse incorrectly, then we would all do a penalty burpee
and start over at the very beginning with incremental penalty burpees being added for each
subsequent missed verse. It was rough sledding at first. The PAX had to start and stop several
times and worked our way up to 4 penalty burpees at one point (meaning that we had to perform
10 burpees in total). But on our 5th attempt, we were able to make it all the way through.

The Thang: 3 Station Grinder
We counted off and divided into 3 different groups. Group 1 started at the circular memorial and
performed the following exercises:

10 Jump Tucks (On “Up”)
30 Count Wall Sit
15 Heels to Heaven (In Cadence)
5 Chicken Peckers (In Cadence)

Group 1 then ran down the landing at the bottom of the steps and pushed Group 2. Group 2
performed the following exercises:

20 Air Squats (On “Down”)
15 Frozen LBC’s (In Cadence)
20 Carolina Dry Docks (On “Down”)
15 Frozen Freddie Mercuries (In Cadence)
Rinse/Repeat Until Relieved

Upon being relieved, Group 2 advanced to the other side of the landing and relieved Group 3.
Group 3 performed the following exercises:

20 Merkins (On “Down”)
15 Flutter Kicks (In Cadence)
20 Lunges (On Down, 1 leg = 1 rep)
15 Scissor Kicks (In Cadence)
Rinse/Repeat Until Relieved

Upon being relieved, Group 3 ran up the stairs to the memorial and began the Group 1 exercises.
We rotated through 3 cycles, with every group having 3 changes to do the Group 1 exercises.

YHC explained that today’s COT was not going to be about the show Cheers but instead was
going to be about Garfield the Cat. I explained how Garfield is always mean to his owner Jon
and how, if anyone read the Garfield comic strip repeatedly they would think that Garfield hated
Jon. But a couple of years ago I saw a tweet and it was meant as a joke but it really struck with
me. This tweet asked, “Why does Garfield hate Mondays?” When you think about it, Garfield
has no reason to hate Mondays. He is unemployed. He is a cat. His only responsibilities in life
are eating, being a cat and generally maintaining a sedentary lifestyle. From his perspective, the
only thing that makes Monday any different than any other day of his life is the fact that JON
goes back to work on Monday. Garfield gets to spend Saturday and Sunday hanging out with
Jon and then he hates Mondays because that is when Jon goes back to work. So really, Garfield
actually loves Jon but he just does a really bad job of expressing that love and he lashes out at

Much like Garfield, I have a really bad habit of taking my stresses out on the people I love rather
than the people/things that actually caused those stresses. It’s easy to take your loved ones for
granted and use them as your pressure release, but it’s not fair to them. So my advice (which I
need to do a better job of following myself) is to direct your resentment at the people/things who
are causing you stress and not at those you love the most.

We then asked for announcements and prayers, but as a surprise Samples had found the
handwritten notes I prepared to remind me of the lyrics to the Cheers theme song. Samples
challenged me to sing it myself. Obviously, I was able to sing it word for word, with the other
PAX joining me in perfect harmony. A good Thursday morning all around.

Makin your way in the world today takes everything you got
Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot
Wouldn’t you like to get away
Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name
And they’re always glad you came
You wanna be where you can see troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows your name
You wanna go where people know people are all the same
You wanna go where everybody knows your name

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