October 21st, 2020|Aldrich Elementary| AO – Top Rope | 38°

PAX:  Windex, Birdman, Theraband, Tube sock, U-Haul, Kielbasas, Father time, Hardhat, Rollbar, Black plague, Thor, Zebo, Convoy, Tombstone, Roadhouse, Patton, Caboose, Flanders, Armbar, Splinter

Q: Splinter

20 PAX welcomed the cold morning at Top Rope (cold for those of us who dislike anything more than a chill in the air).  YHCexplained the mission of F3 along with the 5 core principles andafter being reminded, reminded PAX that YHC is not a professional so modify exercises as needed. 

YHC has a few screws loose and enjoys himself some burpees so YHC made sure to let the PAX know that burpees were going to be in their near future.  YHC then proceeded to let the PAXknow that YHC was not going to Q it if he could not do it so there was no running in their near future.  With the wrestling theme of Top Rope all YHC could remember from younger days of WWF was Hacksaw Jim Duggan, so YHC told the PAX to prepare to feel like you just got beat with a 2×4.

YHC instructed the PAX we were going to mosey to the basketball court for warm-a-rama.


PAX circled up for• 25 SSH – IC• 20 Sun gods – IC (10 forward 10 reverse)

The Thang

Muffled mumble chatter was heard and YHC asked for a volunteer.  Who in their right mind is going to volunteer you ask?  Good question.  Flanders stepped up to the plate and YHCasked Flanders if he remembered the classic Adam Sandler movie.  Flanders made a snarky comment about ooh that one… before YHC could mention movie name and after a few girly giggles were heard YHC informed Flanders that he was to be the PAX “YOU CAN DO IT” guy from the movie Water Boy.  Flanders was expected to holler “YOU CAN DO IT” throughout the workout this morning.

PAX still circled up at the center of the basketball court and YHC told the PAX that toxic relationships breed toxic side effects.  If you make a habit of being around toxic people or being involved in toxic activities there are side effects.  One of these side effects reeks havoic on your thoughts.  A once strong man can start to question if he can do things or starts making excuses as to why he falls short.  Today YHC wants you to hear “you can do it, we will do it.”


Start with a single burpee on down to include a single merkinand increase number of merkins performed during burpee by adding an additional merkin to each burpee.  So second burpee would include 2 merkins, 3rd burpee would include 3 merkinsand so on, you get the picture.  With this group of HIMs YHCwas confident that we could get up to 10 and the PAX did.  BUT WAIT….. now let’s work our way back down.  PAX mumble chatter increased and YHC considered audible but held out and had faith and Flanders gave a “YOU CAN DO IT”.  PAX were gassed but survived.

PAX were then told to get on their six for some core and the following core shredder ensued.

25 LBC – IC

20 Heal touches – IC

15 Big boys – on up

20 Heal touches – IC

25 LBC – IC


PAX moved over closer to the playground and circled up.  YHCinstructed the PAX that they were to hold a plank while one of the PAX made their way to monkey bars to perform 5 pull ups and on each up the rest of the PAX were to perform a merkin (5 merkins for 5 pull ups) and then to hold the plank while another PAX member took his place for pull ups and the other HIM returned to the circle to join the rest of the PAX for plank/merkins.  YHC went first on the pull ups and PAX while confused a bit realized that this was going to cause some pain. There was moaning and groning going on that I didn’t realize the PAX was capable of.  At one point multiple PAX were yelling at other PAX to pick up the pace and get to the pullup station (YHC even heard one PAX tell U-Haul “time to HAUL, U-Haul”) and I do believe that YHC witnessed Roadhouse pass out Spiderman style ¾ of the way through the workout.  Lastly YHC needs to say, my feeling were hurt as Father Time, while next to me during this workout, told me “I don’t know you Splinter but I hate you,” (FT you made my day) and Armbarreassured YHC that a wise Wait Time once said “I’m not here to be your friend during the workout!”


PAX were led to a railing by the dumpsters and instructed to grab hold of the rail, go to a ¾ stance in a squat and rest their weight on the ball of their feet (on their toes).  On down PAXwas to perform squat down to ¼ stance in a squat and back up to ¾ stance while holding on to the rail.  Starting at one end of the railing PAX increased number of squats by 1 and passed on to the next HIM. So it looked a little like this: first PAX member up started with down for one, second PAX member down for one and two, third PAX member down for one, two and three… you get the picture.  PAX was burning without a break between sets and Patton called additional 10 count after the first generous 10 count called for by YHC.  Math says PAX did 210 repswithout a break but there were a few PAX, YHC included that may have added an additional squat to their count so we will call it 210+.


PAX counted off in 2’s.  Groups formed a large circle back on the ball court and took a quick 10 count.  Partner 1 was to do 5 merkins while partner 2 held plank and encouraged partner 1 with a “YOU CAN DO IT” and then they were to switch.  This was to switch back and forth until one of the partners reach failure.  At that point the pair was to get up and lung walk around the circle until all pairs hit the failure wall. A few childish comments later and with a “YOU CAN DO IT” the PAX got after it. Omaha was called.

Mosey over to shovel flags for Mary

PAX circled up and 25 Hammers were completed for Mary.


Circle of Trust:

After beating the PAX with a 2×4 for the previous 45 minutes YHC had a message to share about toxic relationships and toxic activities for someone.  Didn’t know who that someone was so everyone got to hear it.  Toxic people lead us to believe toxic things about ourselves. In particular men are lead to believe things others don’t want to do or others feel inadequate about,are bad or need fixed.  I mean who would want you to excel at something that would cause them to feel bad about themselves?  Maybe you have a friendship that is toxic and it’s causing another relationship within your life to crumble.  I mean what if that rock star buddy of yours, you know that one who is always happy and wanting you to be out having beers or away from your family or other important relationships.  What if he is really just trying to keep you from what he doesn’t have?  Why would anyone have an issue with a man hanging with his family or spending time in his faith?  In the book “Freed to Lead” Dredd talks about one of the hardest things he did to get right was to leave those toxic relationships and pursue true friendships.  Toxic people try to keep you from good things.  Toxic people make you out to be the fun hatter.  Toxic people are not out for your good.  Never forget this helpful little saying “you are becoming the sum of the 5 relationships you spend the most time invested in.”  So some of you need to lose some friends and others need to find some good healthy male friends because you are becoming your M (yes I said it and I mean it).  YHC had another quick rant for the guys that couldn’t relate to toxic people.  There are good men, HIMs out there that are involved in toxic activities, whether that is alcohol, porn or the drug of your choice it’s in the background and you hide it.  This toxic thing is a constant leach sucking you dry on the inside.  PAX if this is you, bring it into the light, commit to dropping this toxic thing and getting right.  Do it because the fellow F3 HIM need you, we want you to become the HIM that we all see in the glomall the time.  PAX all these men surrounding you are out for your good.  Invest in one another.


COVID Precautions. PAX are encouraged to remain resilient with our social distancing precautions. We don’t want to jeopardize our ability to meet in the gloom. Please remember foot kicks over fist pumps and bro-hugs. Maintain social distancing during workouts. Do not attend a workout if you are not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms. Qs must follow social distancing precautions when designing workouts. Be aware of social distancing and masks during Coffeeteria. Just because a coffee shop allows us to use their indoor space, we should not relax our commitment to social distancing and wearing masks.

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