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It was a brisk Thursday morning at Westside High on 10/15/2020. The shirt and shorts were not enough unless you had “Buns of Steel!”

Several HIM rolled in seconds before the bell. Game time it was at 5:30AM sharp! Sasquash took the lead and welcomed all to the beatdown where F3 was explained. Before our mosey Sasquash thanked Grillz for bringing him East to his old high school. We set forth on our mission to face our old fears of the “suicide drill.”

After a quick jaunt around the football field, we made it to the middle of the field for Warm-o-Rama.

Side straddle hop (25)
Tappy taps (25)
Sungods front and back (25)
Air squared (25)

In light of the mental health awareness 25 push up challenge, 25 continued to be the magic number of reps. The Sungods front and back of 25 were only a taste of the Merkin burn that would supersede during the Thang.

We pushed on to the stairs, in two single file lines. We all lunged two steps at a time with a twist and air squat to follow. Once we made it to the top we dabbled with 25 monkey humpers, followed by 25 dips.

It was then time to make our way back to the field for the Thang. 

Post tweet said it all, “276 push-ups later @BattlefieldF3 to fulfill high school memories of the “suicide drill” now known as the “ladder.” Nam-o-Rama! Make it a great day 💪🏼”

The goal was to run 100 yards for 1 push up, to the other end for 2 push ups, to the other end for 3 push ups and 4… all the way to 25. From end zone to end zone, back to the end zone and then reducing 5 yards every ladder (always ending the ladder at the Southwest endzone). The HIM were gassed so we stopped on Michael Jordan’s 23.

COT- “Confidence has no competition,” said Michael Jordan as he closed his eyes and swished a free throw back in his prime. As 2020 has brought new challenges and struggle to all of us. It is our duty to our family, colleagues, neighbors and our community that we continue to believe in ourselves so that we can all help others that need our support. Men are 4x likelier to commit suicide. Staggering. Life is tough and by taking the red pill, starting the day off right in the gloom, we set ourselves up for success not only for ourselves but for everyone else. Go out and make a difference in someone else’s life and MAKE it a great day!


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