Heavy Metal Backblast: The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Wednesday October 21, 2020 | Heavy Metal | Stinson Park AO | Weather: Clear and Cool 39 degrees

PAX: Grease Fire, Super Tasty, Safe Ride, Smashmouth, Cyclone, Brick, Honey Stinger, Brazilian, Big One, Folsom, Polaroid, Touché, Mufasa, Blue Suede, Frosty, Stella, Bloodshot, Lucky Charms, Welcome FNG – Nick (AKA Port-A-John), Drone Strike, Favre, Space Bar, E85, and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time

Your Humble Correspondent (YHC) welcomed the PAX. We met in the gloom with weights for a Heavy Metal beatdown that celebrates Tom Petty’s 65th Birthday #RIP. Petty exemplified many of the F3 Principles. His music was open to all men (everyone loves Petty). Our workouts are free. Tom Petty once sued his record label for raising the price of his record by a dollar. Our workouts are always outside and Petty’s music is best listened to outside (Into the Great Wide Open). We lead in a rotating fashion (the Heartbreakers line-up rotated over the course of Petty’s career). And we end in a circle of trust. After we welcomed FNG – Nick, YHC provided the disclaimer and we hauled our weights to the gazebo.

Warm-A-Rama: A quick warm-up (SSH x 30 IC) before a beatdown that kept people moving throughout our 45 minutes together. Just like Petty, who didn’t use a lot of Mumblechatter during his shows! He liked to keep the crowd moving to the music.


YHC created a timed workout aimed at working five body parts: shoulders, legs, arms, core and full body. Each exercise was completed AMRAP for 40 seconds. We finished two and a half rounds of these exercises:

Bent Row | Cusack Squats | Bicep Curls| Full Body Crunch | Kettle Bell Swing | T-Bar Merkin| Lateral Lunge | American Hammer | Tricep Extension | Inch Worm Merkin (no weights) | Pull-ups | Lunge with Twist | Big Boy Sit Ups | Table Press | Crab Cakes (no weights) | Shoulder Press | Goblet Squat | Frozen Freddies (no weight) | Front Raise Shoulders | Burpees

This beatdown minimized all mumble chatter – even from the mumblechatter master, Mufasa.

COVID Precautions. PAX are encouraged to remain resilient with our social distancing precautions. We don’t want to jeopardize our ability to meet in the gloom. Please remember foot kicks over fist pumps and bro-hugs. Maintain social distancing during workouts. Do not attend a workout if you are not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms. Qs must follow social distancing precautions when designing workouts. Be aware of social distancing and masks during Coffeeteria. Just because a coffee shop allows us to use their indoor space, we should not relax our commitment to social distancing and wearing masks.
GHOST Q WEEK. Next week, we won’t announce who is Qing the workouts. All Qs will be a mystery (just like a good Halloween story). You may not know when the Steinl will haunt you. On Halloween, we encourage PAX to dress in costumes for the Saturday workouts.

PAX recovering from COVID and in isolation. Please pray for the PAX recovering from COVID and those using an abundance of caution after being exposed. It can be very difficult to lose the fellowship of the PAX.

“Courage calls to courage everywhere.” MILLICENT FAWCETT

How many times have you been in a situation when you were nearly biting a hole in your bottom lip because fear kept you silent?

When this happens to me, I devote too much energy regretting the moment that I allow fear to keep me silent. There have been some crucial moments in my life when I spoke my voice and didn’t remain silent. It required me to be vulnerable. Whenever I have courageously shared my heart it has inspired others to speak out as well. “Courage calls to courage everywhere.”

I was pleased to see Folsom at the workout this morning. I remember during the early days of F3Omaha when Folsom demonstrated courage during a COT. He told a very personal story that changed the way we do COTs. In the early days, our COTs did not look the way that they do today. I tribute some of that change to Folsom’s courage to share his heart. “Courage calls to courage everywhere.”

I always regret being silent more than any consequence of speaking out.

We ended in a prayer for courage.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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