AO: The Colosseum

October 20, 2020

26 degrees; slight breeze

Pax: Samples (Respect!), Beta Max, Skittles, Tenderfoot, Pancake, Super Tasty, Trench, Ferdinand, Brick, Bloodshot, Armbar, Baskins (Respect!), Hoosegow, Flanders, Wentworth, Gobbler, Toadstool, Honey Stinger, BlueSuede, Knobs, Rollbar, Greek Freak, Tony the Tiger, Firewalker, Patton, Caboose (FNG Welcome!), Short Sale, Smashmouth, Saferide, Gumbo, Mac N Cheese, Folsom, Stella, Tin Cup, Biggie Smalls, Spacebar

Q: Spacebar (VQ!)

Spacebar welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30 am. Delivered the Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles and Disclaimer were given. The PAX moseyed around the WHS track and gathered on the W for Warm-a-rama.


• Abe Vigoda x15 IC

• Tippy Taps x15 IC

• High Knees x15 IC

• Imperial Walkers x15 IC

• Reps of 15: Merkins, Mountain Climbers IC, Merkins, Plank Jacks IC, Merkins


Pax were split into two groups and gathered at the bottom of the bleachers. Station 1 was the bottom of bleachers, Station 2 was at the top of the bleachers. Group 1 started at Station 1 and AMRAP’ed exercises until pushed by Group 2.

• Station #1

• SSH x20 IC

• Dips x20 IC

• Station #2

• Run Upstairs

• Monkey Humpers x20 IC

• Sumo Squats x20 IC

• Run Downstairs

A few PAX mentioned that legs were burning after one round. Pre-Thang’s mission was accomplished. PAX then gathered at the mid-field W and were broken into groups of 3 for the Thang.


A three-station grinder was set up for PAX. North endzone, south endzone and a runner. 1 PAX from each group was positioned in each of the endzones and AMRAP’d the exercises listed. The 3rd PAX was a runner and acted as the push to move PAX from station to station. PAX had to pay a 3-burpee tax at the 50 yard line.

South Endzone:

• Merkins

• Sun Gods

• Hand-release Merkins

• Seal Jacks

• LBCs

North Endzone:

• Big Boys

• Freddie Mercury’s

• Plank Jacks

• Moroccan Nightclub

• Carolina Dry Docks

Omaha was called at 6:05. Count-a-rama and Name-a-rama followed. We welcomed FNG Caboose. Then we did Mary! Please keep in mind that we’re working with a VQ here!


Crunchy Frogs x20 IC

Round Count American Hammers IC

Announcements / Prayers

Ghost Q is next week. A reminder that PAX need to continue practicing social distancing due to the virus. Prayers for our PAX brothers during this period of the Covid virus.


Spacebar’s COT was a simple message of thanks. Thank you for the support I’ve received over my first 7 weeks of posting. What we do here at F3 is important. Its important in that we better ourselves physically at the beatdowns. Its important that we’re supporting each other every day. I didn’t know I needed F3 until i started posting. Now I don’t know what I’d do without it. I know I’m a better person having found F3. Told the PAX that my M has mentioned several times that I seem to be a happier person since I started posting. We need to continue doing what we’re doing and continue to bring FNGs so more men can experience this with us. A special thank you to Folsom and Stella for their feedback and assistance in helping me during my VQ. T-claps to you both.

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