October 17, 2020| AO: The Pit | Halleck Park-Papillion | Weather: 53° | Q: Lemon Law
PAX: Cheetah, Jean-Claude, Forest, Coop, Gumbo, Toadette (FNG), Easy Bake (FNG), Toadstool, Handstand (FNG), Spirit, BetaMax, Bloodshot, Swish, Jurassic Park, Shortcake, Firewalker, Stormy, Tinker, Spacebar, Bird, Mace, Biggie Smalls, Kicks, Warhead, Grand Slam, Tenderfoot, Switchfoot, Trench, Bambino (FNG)

YHC welcomed the PAX, and had a pop quiz for the dads on the mission and core principles of F3. disclaimer.
We moseyed to the field just south of the ballfields for
SSHs x 15 IC
Sun Gods x10 F/R IC
Windmills x10 IC
Hillbillies x10 IC
Turkey Chinooks x10 F/R IC

PAX moseyed to the field by the north playground. YHC gave the disclaimer as it was forgotten earlier. We proceeded to do 2 games of modified freeze tag. 3 kids were picked as it. If they tagged another kid, s/he also became it. If they tagged a dad, the dad had to stop and start doing exercises of their choice. If a kid caught a dad just standing around, they yelled “10 burpees” as punishment for being lazy.

After tag, we moseyed to the “Northeast” field for a bit of a grinder. Dads and kids lined up on one side, did exercises then moved to the other side as indicated.
(all exercises were x20 IC unless noted)
Round 1: Squats, duck walk, Merkins, duck walk
Round 2: Mountain Climbers, lunge, Big Boys, lunge
Round 3: Hillbillies, high knees, Imperial walkers, high knees
Round 4: 10 burpees, reverse lunge, 10 burpees, reverse lunge

Next, we lined up, and kids were given a 5-second headstart to run to the playground by the shelter. Dads had to try to run down kids, and carry them to the playground. If a dad had multiple kids, he had to do burpees until all his kids reached the finish line.
Lastly, for Mary, PAX circled up for Duck, Duck, Goose while doing the American Hammer. If a kid “goosed” a dad, the dad had to bear crawl instead of run. After a few rounds, we switched over to flutter kicks, then time was called.

CoT: YHC’s theme was “In the deed, the glory.” Victory is not in actually winning, victory is knowing that you tried your hardest and gave your best in accomplishing the task given to you.

Lemon Law

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