10/16/2020 / The Combine AO / Kiewit Middle School / Temperature 39 degrees. No wind. Beautiful crisp morning in the gloom.

PAX: (22) Sparty, Convoy, Hard Hat, Matt- FNG ( Beethoven), Birdman, Windex, Beta-Max, Rollbar, Roadhouse, Big One, Mufasa, Tonight Show, Patton, Bubbles, Tube Socks, Curse, Pele, LPC, Riptide, Pantyhose, Slow Pitch, Night Crawler

Q: Scrapper

Scrapper welcomed the PAX to the combine.  Welcomed our FNG Matt.  Recited the necessary F3 introduction and reminded the PAX and FNG Matt that I am not a professional.

Mission Statement:  F3 lives a mission to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the re-invigoration of male community leadership.

Core Principles:  F3 abides by 5 core principles: 1.  Free   2.  Open to all men   3.  Held outside rain or shine   4.  Lead in a rotating fashion  5.  Ends in a circle of trust

Disclaimer:  Scrapper is definitely not a professional. His role as a Q is to push the group physically. However, he advised we need to listen to our bodies and please modify as needed.

Scrapper asked the PAX to join him on a mosey around the track ending at the opposite goal line where we lined up facing the 50 yard line.


Recognizing The Curse’s love for dynamic warmups to the group… Scrapper proceeded to lead the Pax in the following:

  • High Knees (10 yards out and back)
  • Butt Kicks
  • Sun Gods IC … 10 each way
  • Lunges with a twist
  • 20 Big Ones IC
  • 4 Merkins followed by 4 Mountain Climbers IC… 8 Merkins 8 Mountain Climbers….12 Merkins 12 Mountain Climbers
  • Sprint to the 20 yard line and back


Skipped it.  Had to get to the THANG


The Pax was led to the small baseball field by Kiewit School.  4 bases were out in the field spaced 90 feet apart. Scrapper explained to the PAX that we would divide into 4 groups and perform a workout in a timed sequence.  Each exercise would be 30 seconds on.. followed by 20 seconds to run to the next base and prepare for next exercise. Scrapper explained and demonstrated a few exercises as he made a few up and/or butchered the Exicon.  The PAX was instructed to run through first base because you NEVER stop directly on first base.


Home Plate-  LBCs, Swinging Leg Kicks, SSH, Bobby Hurleys

First Base-  Merkins, American Hammers, Pulse Ups, Carolina Dry Docks

Second Base-  Union Pacifics ( Bear Crawl position.. movement forward 2-3 paces and then back), Moroccan Nightclubs, Mountain Climbs, Spider Crawl

Third Base-  Cal Ripkens ( side to side shuffle.  Option to toss a baseball to a partner as you do shuffle), Running in Place, Alternating Lunges, Squats

6 Rounds were performed as we moved around the diamond as we listened to an epic playlist of Centerfield, I’m Shipping up to Boston, Thunder, Babel, Only Want to be with You, Cotton Eyed Joe, Livin on a Prayer.

Omaha was called after the 6th round.  The Pax gathered in a circle around the pitchers mound for Mary.  Scrapper explained that Cal Ripken’s favorite off season exercise was “Dying Cockroaches”.  30 were performed IC to finish the workout.


FNG Matt was named Beethoven to the delight of Mufasa.

Scrapper explained the meaning of his preblast and the significance of the number 2,632.  Mufasa correctly identified that 2,632 was MLB record for consecutive games played set by Cal Ripken Jr.  Scrapper wearing his Cal Ripken Jr shirt explained how much he was inspired as a kid by this record.  To him it was the ultimate way to live life.  Show up every day to whatever you are doing and give your best, and never forget that your daily actions and how you go about life can influence people that you may not even know.

Scrapper thanked the group again for the opportunity to lead.

The PAX finished with a prayer.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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