2020.10.13 Tonight Show Top 10 – Wild Kingdom Back Blast – QIC Tonight Show and Thomas

Back Blast: Tonight Show Top 10!

Date: 2020.10.13

AO: Wild Kingdom

Pax: Biff, FDIC, Magic, ZeroRez, Cheap Seats, Pele, Short Sale, ToadStool, Kielbasa, Wario, Mufusa, Wentworth, Brazilain, The Plague, Chip-n-Dale, Tombstone, Convoy, Khakis, U-Haul, Tater Tot, Bubbles, Nightcrawler, Rollbar, Thomas, Tonight Show

QIC: Tonight Show & Thomas

Conditions: 57 degrees DAAAAAARK and perfect for a Top 10

Tonight Show and Thomas welcomed 25 pax to gloom of the Wild Kingdom.The shared responsibilities with Tonight Show doing the mission statement and disclaimer and Thomas took the 5 core principles. (He did this on the spot without warning.  Clearly ready to be a site Q!)  The pax were told that we would be doing a Tonight Show Top 10 as YHC hands the reigns of Wild Kingdom over to Thomas.  This was going to be a great Top 10 list.  YHC also reminded Pax that Thomas was indeed a co-Q for this beat down which meant, if there was a train whistle all Pax would stop and do 10 burpees.

Pax did a quick mosey around Rockefeller Square and arrived back at center ice for the:

#1  Who could forget the day in May of 2019 when Tater Tot made a FIRE and led us through a low and slow beat down.  This was his WaR:

  • copperhead side straddle air squats 20 IC
  • slow tappy taps 15 IC
  • copperhead imperial walkers 15 IC
  • copperhead pickel pushers 15 IC
  • peter parker copperhead merkins 15 IC

At this point YHC realized I have no idea how to count out some of these and TT’s back blast left a lot to the imagination! (You should definitely try to lead another HIM’s workout based on what’s in the BB. I dare you!)

Thomas lead the pre-thang as Pax paired off and did 11’s of Squats and Merkins.  This was a great foreshadow of what was to come at #4.

The Thang:

After all Pax completed 11’s Tonight Show led them on a mosey to the picnic tables where they were greeted by #2 on our list.
#2 FDIC – July 2019 – Pouring Rain – Pax took turns counting out exercises and no FDIC beat down is complete without some calf work.

  • Dips 20
  • Step ups 15 IC
  • Gas Pumpers 15 IC
  • Derkins 20
  • Incline Merkins 20
  • Scissor kick 15 IC
  • Johnny Drama 30 IC

#3 Tonight Show – October 2019 – 40 Years of Tonight Show
So I highlighted my own Beat Down.  When you Q the site and the beat down you get to take some liberties.

Pax moved to the restrooms for the awkward teen years.  If you know, then you know… If you don’t… go check out the back blast for this October beat down.

  • Ascending Testicles – 10 merkins
    • Feet all the way up hold for 30 count
  • Dirty Hook ups * 10 IC

#4 Crab Cakes (strangely missing back blast but this couldn’t be forgotten)
We all moseyed through the woods to the bottom of the dam.  When Crab Cakes led this workout I told him to burn the sheet and never bring it out again.  The Pax took on 11’s again.  At the bottom of the dam were burpees and at the top were LBC’s.  Pax did Bernie Sanders up the hill.  This location has been the site of A LOT of pain.  Wait time was here in April of 2019 for  NO OYO (Dam(it) Hill, Folsom did Damn the Dam in August of 2019 and The Plague did Hunting in Pax here in April of 2019 also.  Those were honorable mentions but anyone that did the relentless beat down with Crab Cakes couldn’t forget it.  YHC told Crab Cakes to destroy the workout and never bring it out again.  He must have taken it seriously because YHC couldn’t find evidence in the form of a back blast either.

There was not time to finish this beat down as the pax needed to head to number 5 on the list.

#5 The Big One – February 2020 – Hakuna Tabata
In one of the last workouts at Wild Kingdom before COVID-19 shut our communities down, The Big One led a Tabata beat down.  It showed that the cold can foil our equipment but not the Pax of F3 Omaha.  After the phone and speaker quit working from the cold pax had to resort to the traditional counting out loud.

  • Squats 20 seconds
  • rest 10 seconds
  • butt kicks 20 seconds
  • rest 10 seconds
  • merkins 20 seconds
  • rest 10 seconds
  • apollo ohno 20 seconds
  • rest 10 seconds

Understanding that this wasn’t one of those 1 hour beat downs it was time to head back to the Shovel Flag for 6 minutes of mary and our sixth and final stop on this Top 10.

#6 Tater Tot – August 2020 – Giraffes Can Dance

  • Low Dolly * 20 (In the original Wait Time counted these, but Tonight Show did the rerun on “Open”)
  • Reverse Crunches(Hard Hat counted the originals so Tater Tot did this one) * 15 IC
  • American Hammer (In the original Daniel Son tried to EH OPD and distracted the Pax.  We don’t know how many were in the original 30-ish to Thomas counted this one) * 30 IC

And… Recover!


YHC has been humbled to lead this site for over 1 year and it has been a blast.  There’s a special place in my heart for Wild Kingdom.  Thomas is the right HIM to take over.

In my COT YHC relayed a true story from the weekend where a neighbor was upset by my mowing my lawn.  In truth YHC was likely at fault.  The neighbors had people at their house outside and the mower was a distraction for their conversations.  It however occurred to me that COVID has likely ruined relationships that existed previously.  My neighbor could have asked me to stop and I would have waited.  (At the time I didn’t realize how noisy it would be in their yard.)  I also could have looked and seen them and waited.  When my neighbor told me they were irritated at what I had done YHC apologized.  I could have had a lot of different reactions but chose humility and earnestly apologized to my neighbor.  Remember to check the temperature of relationships around you.  Have they been impacted by COVID? Do you have bitterness that has built up over time?  Be sure to deal with it before it becomes too much to even walk across the lawn and ask a favor.

Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Wild Kingdom is in good hands!  Have a great ride Thomas!

Always proud to be part of this group
TS & T

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