2020.10.06 – Pumpkin Coupons – Wild Kingdom Back Blast – QIC Crab Cakes

Back Blast 10/6/20- Wild Kingdom- Pumpkin Coupons


Q- Crab Cakes


Crab cakes greats the group goes over the mission and disclaimer with the PAX, no FNG’s so we do a short mosey to the Dock the PAX circles up for a little warm-a-rama.

  • Side straddle Hops
  • Windmill’s  
  • Tappy Taps
  • Merkins

Pre Thang– we count off into 4 groups and dived Group 1+2 to the Wall and 3 + 4 to the pavilion

  • Wall sit Routine- Turkey Chinooks, Moroccan Night Clubs, and Sun Gods
  • Bench Routine- One Leg Squats, Dips and Squat Jumps

The Thang

Now that we are good and loose, we do a short mosey back to the shovel flag and break into the 4 groups.  Pax Members pick their perfect pumpkin partner for the rest of the workout. 

  • Station 1- 50 squats, Bench Step ups, and Bolt 45’s
  • Station2-Overhead Press, Curls, and Skull Crushers
  • Station3- Calf Raises, Lunges, and side lunges
  • Station4- Flutter Kicks, Big Boy sit ups, and American Hammers


Once back at the flag the PAX we circled up in the grass.  We finished off with a good 6MOM with Heel’s to Heaven, Heel touches, E2K, Windshield wipers, and American Hammers


We ended with a quick circle of trust the q reminds us that Hope and fear cannot exist together and that in these crazy times to look for the hope everyday in our life.  Thanks everyone for coming out and I Look forward to seeing you all Thursday at the farm.

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