October 17, 2020 / AO – The Pit 7:00 a.m. / Temperature: 57 degrees with a breeze

Pax: Squeaky Clean, Backstage (respect), Jake FNG, and Dos Equis

Q: Wentworth 

YHC had just rucked around The Pit with about 5 PAX and about ten 2.0’s at 6:00 a.m. thanks to Beta for brining half of them.  Then I was going to join in on the 2.0 workout and put my ruck away when Firewalker approached me and said that we have some guys from F3 KC who came for a beat down.  Would you be willing to Q …. It was 6:59 and the workout was going to start in less than a minute…..I couldn’t say no to the HIM who EH’d me… of course and off we went for a little mosey.  

WARM-A-RAMA1. SSH x 15 IC2. Sobriety Sun Gods forwards and backward for 10 IC3. Monkey Humpers 15 IC4. Merkins 15+5. Then there might have been another one before another mosey and the string of pearls came to my mind as we made our way to the football field


We stopped on the basketball court for about 4-5 more exercises and handed off the cadence to the rest of the PAX as we had some mumble chatter to get to know each other during the workout.  

Off to another mosey to the side of the track for some Alternating shoulder taps and some Freddie Mercury.  During our next mosey around the track I found out that Dos Equis EH’d Jake and that Jake was an FNG.  If that’s the worst mistake I made with the 30-60 second heads up on the Q, then I would be happy.  We joked around about nicknames and I called him an FNG and explained the process of the nickname and how that would be at the end of the workout.


What should I do for these 4 HIM as a THANG???  Possibilities are endless and we haven’t done any burpees up to this point, so let’s do some 11’s.  I remember how much I didn’t like running, so I decided to do 11’s to the 50 yard line with burpees on one end and air squats on the 50.  We stayed as a group and took turns counting off on the exercises.  This gave us some additional time for mumble chatter.

MOM:1. Muffin Tops which was a new one for me was Back Stages idea 2. FNG Jake decided we were going to do Mountain Climbers for Mary, so we did3. Dos Equis went with Annie and Andy’s which were a new one for me also4. YHC went with Marge and Homers5. American Hammers were picked by Squeaky Clean to wrap up this workout


Announcements were made for upcoming volunteer event at Heartland Hope Tuesday 10/27 from 6-8 PM

We ended in prayer.

Peace brothers!


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