10.10.2020 | The Canyon AO | Lewis & Clark Landing | 345 Riverfront Dr, Omaha, NE 68102

PAX:  20 – TC, Spreadsheets, Mac N Cheese, Tater-Tot, Kyle Waterstone – FNG aka Black Sheep aka BS, FDIC, Rollbar, Grillz, Slow Pitch, Icy Hot, Buns of Steel, Cylcone, Blue Chip, Wentworth, Fairy Tale, Polaroid, Sister Act, Mark Dahir – FNG aka Totem, Armbar, & Selleck.

Qic: Selleck

Weather:  TSW (Tube Socks Weather).

Selleck welcomed PAX, dispensed the F3 mission, principles, disclaimer and exchanged minimal pleasantries with FNGs before moving right into WarmORama sans mosey. Selleck did inform the group to get comfortable with the idea of plank formation in the gloom.


Windmills – 10 IC

SSH – 15 IC

String Rippers – 15 IC

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Half Moon – right, left, back x 10 count


Right Plank Fly x 15

Left Plank Fly x15

Tempo Merkins x 5

Freddie Mercury x 15 ic


Right Plank Fly x 15

Left Plank Fly x 15

Tempo Merkins x 5

Freddie Mercury x 15 IC

********************************INSERT MUMBLE CHATTER*********************

Right Plank Fly x 15

Left Plank Fly x 15

Tempo Merkins x 5

Freddie Mercury x 15 IC



Chain Run

PAX formed two groups and executedChain Run (thank you for PC re-direction @Wentworth) from parking lot to Cuming Street and back to to parking lot.


Once back at parking lot, pax formed groups of 3 HIMs for 3 rounds of TSDs. Super squats is the push member.

  • Toe Taps on lot curb (AMRAP)
  • Super Squats x 15 (step squat E2K = 1)
  • Dry Docks (AMRAP)

THANG – Split into two groups

Group 1 – Frisbee toss/Zombie Walk (FYI, never be in Polaroid’s group)

Group 2 – 11’s

  • Plank Jacks x IC
  • BBS

Group’s flap-jack.


Chain Plank back to shovel flags

Bring Sally Down – hand release (Selleck attempted a redemption from Oracle beatdown, it went moderately better with his new modification….third time will be a charm.)


American Hammer – 50 IC


  • Wentworth leading food bank volunteer effort, reach out to him for engagement
  • Selleck has Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Light the Night fundraising team, more info here.
  • New site opening at 168th & Fort
  • Sign up to Q a site
  • Selleck read daily contemplation on “soft prophecy” by Richard Rohr. Challenging times call for less judgement and more compassion.



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