The Octagon | 50 degrees damp

Q: Jeeves

PAX: Grease Fire, Tin Cup, Room Service, Brazillian, Hoosegow, King Pin, Slow Pitch, Skillet (RESPECT), Gumbo, Lion Tamer, Icy Hot, Cheers, Griswald, Wide Right, Shocker, The Plague, Safe Ride, Tater Tot, Toadstool, Honey Stinger, Uhaul, Stella!, Space Bar, Polaroid, Wait Time, Bloodshot

Jeeves welcomed the PAX and cited the mission of F3, 5 core principles, and disclaimer. He led a short mosey around the lot to basketball court for warmarama.


Sungods 10×2

Abe Vigoda x 10

Tappy Taps x 10

Air Squats x 10


BLIMPS in the parking lot stalls, bear crawl to next line. 8 reps each letter. 2 sets

B Burpees

L lunges, forward each leg

I imperial walkers

M merkins

P Plank Jacks

S (air Squats)

The Thang:

March / mosey around perimeter of the Octagon with arms alternating positions. Arms straight, arms out, and arms up (introduced to the PAX by Armbar). The speed of the mosey not being as important as the arm positions and not stopping. Jeeves’ well planned soundtrack began with Roman March from the Ben Hur soundtrack but at the second turn bloodshot found himself spaced from the main group and with the six. We enjoyed the music until Jeeves called Omaha.


Dying Cockroach IC x 15

High plank / Low plank / Rt and Lt plank 20 sec each

“I-Y-W-T-O” and sweep the floor x 5

American Hammer, Rancid (silence) style

Heal touches x 20

Flutter kicks x 20

Jeeves wrapped up with child’s pose as “Here comes the sun” played. Although the sun wouldn’t rise until a half hour later- it was cool. Being next to Jeeves watching HIM lead such a group with his signature on this VQ was an honor. Aye-Bloodshot.

COT – (Jeeves). Reflections on HOPE found on our internal battles – a edited version of my share, having co-Q’d with Bloodshot “One of the best”, as said by Tater Tot after my VQ on October 12, 2020

We are all at war, facing battles. Each individually and as a group.

Henry David Throreau, a poet, naturalist and advocate, like me, for a just society, wrote “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” Jeeves added “This fits me to a T.” I have lived this slogan or mantra, and even wrote a paper, citing this quote, as an undergraduate at Rockhurst University, where “Leaders Learn.”

At The Octagon, we marched in honor of our challenges. Literally, we marched around the field at The Westside Community Conference Center.

One of my biggest pain points or internal battles, has been facing a mental health challenge. I have experienced great recovery, as many I know have.

A few points on relating to those struggling with any challenge, and especially (mental) health or substance use challenges:

1. Be present.

2. No judgements.

3. Take time for others and yourself.

Concluding thought – Set an example, as you never know who is watching.

Hugs brothers,

Stay Happy

Jeeves aka Don Rashid

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