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PAX: Tuna Fish, Fumblerooski, Tube Socks, Magic, Mufasa, Pantyhose, A-Bomb, Biff, BetaMax, Nailed It, Vandelay (Respect), Scrapper, Convoy, Patton, WaitTime, Bruin (FNG- Welcome), Birdman, Brazilian, Davinci (Respect, Respect), Roadhouse
QIC: Thomas
Thomas welcomed 21 PAX to the Oracle including one FNG. Shared that this was his one year anniversary and the weather was much more favorable than the rain, lightning and thunder a year ago at the Maize. Gave the mission statement (with some help from the PAX), disclaimer, and the Credo. Also shared that this post, like all led by Thomas, would include an Olde Town Pain Train. For those unfamiliar, any time we heard a train or train whistle we would need to stop for 10 burpees. Would today be the day that we’d hear a train a comin’?
QIC was sporting a backpack and was asked if everyone else was expected to have one. But we had already went back to school with Billy Madison earlier in the week, so today it was only Thomas that needed the extra gear. The PAX performed a mosey through the parking lot and across the street to an open area in the Methodist parking lot where we circled up for Warm-A-Rama.
Side Straddle Hop – 15 IC Tappy Taps – 15 IC
Hairy Rockettes- 15 IC Imperial Walkers – 15 IC Sun Gods – 10 IC
Cherry Pickers – 10 IC

Pre-Thang​: The PAX mosied back toward the school and lined up along the wall. We started with a wall sit and counted off down the line and back. We then swapped to the BTTW position and again counted off down the line and back. For round two the QIC realized this was going faster than expected so instructed the PAX to hold each position for a second round of count offs, doubling the time. Once the second round of BTTW was complete we were ready for the Thang and began another mosey.
The PAX left the school grounds headed northwest and moseyed along the trail. We stayed on the trail and headed under Dodge St to the open park area that was prepared with lighted markers.
Thomas attempted to explain the Thang. It would be geared around a Punt, Pass and Kick competition, and the PAX counted off into three teams. Each team was to identify a participant and a ball shagger. The three participants were to head to the light at the opposite end of the field where they would each do a punt, pass and kick. A team would receive one point for the farthest of each, as long as the ball stayed inside the lighted area.
While the participants were doing their Thang, the remaining team members had a list of exercises that they were to do AMRAP for each round. As the first participant was done, the ball shagger transitioned to participant, a new shagger was picked, and the original participant rejoined his team. The first round was essentially mass chaos and much mumblechatter about how many reps were really expected to do. The PAX quickly got the hang of it and the subsequent rounds went smoother.
The points were tracked for each round, and the losing teams had to sprint down the field and back while the winning team did an Al Gore. A three way tie resulted in all teams running.
AMRAP exercises by round:

  1. Copperhead Squats 2. Merkins
  2. Groiners
  3. Makhtar N’Diayes 5. Plank Jacks
  4. Bobby Hurleys
  5. Superman (4-count)
  6. Alternating Shoulder Taps As we neared round 4 we heard a sound rising in the background. The sound of a train, and in perfect timing, the PAX were led through a round of 10 burpees. Would there may be more trains on the way?
    Sadly, no more trains were heard and as the last of the PAX finished their round, Omaha was called. The gear was gathered up and we moseyed back to the shovel flags for Mary.
    LBC – 20 IC
    Heel Touches – 20 IC American Hammers – 21 IC Announcements/COT​: Announcements
    Reflecting back on my very first post a year ago, while the rain and storms were definitely memorable, the thing that I recall the most was that it was just a lot of fun. We had a good beatdown, but everyone managed to make it a blast as we went. Over the past year some of my favorite moments have been the unexpected laughs and fun times that have been shared.
    I’ve found this group of men to be as driven as any I’ve been around. We strive to excel in all facets of our lives. But I wanted to share that it’s important to have some fun along the way. I hope that today’s beatdown had the right balance of fun and fitness.
    • ​Announcements/Prayers
  • Prayers for the Father-In-Law of Sparty who is in the hospital battling Covid. –
  • Thomas closed with a prayer
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