The Battlefield – The Burbee Mile

10/1/2020 – The Battlefield – FireWalker Q – The Burbee Mile

23 PAX: SafeRide, Space Bar, Buns Of Steel, Gumbo, Baskins, Grillz, Beta Max, Brick, Blue Suede, Sister Act, Thomas, Tin Cup, Tug Boat, Wentworth, Stella, FNG (Grass Roots), Busker, Toad Stool, Bubbles, Wide Right, Folsom, Tender Foot, Firewalker.

4:15 Alarm – YHGTBFKM!!!!

4:30 – Depart for the Battlefield – radio off….tried to focus – it was tough.

4:49 – Arrive at the Battlefield. Confidently plant the SANDLOT SITE FLAG. Take note of who is there topush themselves beyond the norm to get better and for Pre-Run (Bubbles, Grillz, Thomas and
Firewalker) Did anyone even pay attention to my Pre-Blast? SMH!?!?!?

5:00 – Pre-Run with Thomas. Fantastic time getting to know Thomas! Pre-Running…..The often
overlooked and underrated 2 nd F Opportunity!!! #GetChaSome!

5:26am – Pre-Run Ends – Collect myself, my thoughts, find my lucky orange gloves and greet the PAX!

5:30am – IT’S GO TIME! Firewalker confidently welcomes the PAX to the BATTLEFIELD – THIS IS MY

  • The F3 Mission: Plant, Serve and Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male
    community leadership
  • 5 Core Principles: Open to all men, free of charge, always help outdoors, in a rotating fashion
    and always ending in a circle of trust.
  • Are there any new guys (FNGs) joining us today? YES – Welcome Ryan Wilkins!
  • DISCLOSURE: I am not a professional, there is a real risk of injury. Modify as needed. Oh, BTW
    for the next 44 minutes, I hope your hate this……battle together… we move!
    Mosey to the far end zone and circle up.
  • SHH – Side-Straddle Hop – 15 IC, Windmills – 15 IC, Imperial Walkers – 15 IC, Hillbillies – 15 IC
  • Instruction to PARTNER UP – find someone who will PUSH YOU TODAY – and someone you know
    you can beat!!
  • Gentleman, welcome to the Burpee Mile: 1 lap – 12 burpees, 1 lap 12 burpees, 1 lap 12
    burpees, 1 lap 12 burpees.
    o It was quiet. Real quiet. It was evident the pax were loving this!

THANG – SAME PARTNER – work through the exercises and run together – Firewalker gave brief
instructions and the pax were off.

  • Round 1
    o 25 Groiners on Up
    o 25 Merkins on Downo Run 1 lap
  • Run 1 lap
  • Round 2
    o 25 Monkey Humpers IC
    o 25 Alt. Shoulder Taps – IC
    o Run 1 lap
  • Round 3
    o 25 Overhead Claps – IC
    o 25 Low Slow Air Squats – on Down
    o 1 lap
  • Round 4
    o 25 Carolina Dry Docks – on Down
    o 25 Bobby Hurley’s – on Down
    o 1 lap
  • MARY
  • 25 Heal Touches IC
  • 25 Sarpy County SLAMMERS (Hold for 3 count American Hammers)
  • Announcements / Prayer Requests
  • Queen Service Challenge – T-Claps to 21 HIM losing on average 17 lbs!
  • Vala’s August 8 th
  • COT
    I would like to ask you a serious question. HOW ARE YOU DOING? ….. pause…… No, really, how are you
    doing, today, right now? Frankly, I’m not interested in an automatic, kneed jerk response. “Busy or
    tired” How are you doing, really? Have you taken a moment lately to stop, pause and really answer
    that question, honestly? Lately, I’ve caught myself, giving that knee jerk response. Giving that surface
    level, response. BUT, what I believe to be true, is that for me, there is more, there is a deeper, more
    reflective answer to that question. Not long ago I challenged myself to be more AUTHENTIC. WHAT
    YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET – kind of mentality. “Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them
    deal with it.” How HONEST and AUTHENTIC are you? With your spouse? Your friends? Your brothers,
    standing next to you today. What version of YOU are those around you getting? Are they getting a
    FAKE you or the REAL YOU? TBH, this is not easy for me. But this is the ME that I believe WE are called
    to be. This is part of what MALE COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP looks like IN ACTION. CHOOSE to be
    AUTHENTIC. CHOOSE to lead.

Aye, Firewalker.

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