October 10, 2020 | Oracle | Aldrich Elementary | 61 Degrees

PAX: (12) – Patton, Cheap Seats, Pain Killer, Dr. Thunder, Zerorez, Sweet Tooth, Skipper, Room Service, Vandelay (Respect), Chiclets (Respect), Tugboat (Toot Toot), Sparty

QIC: Sparty

On this beautiful morning, YHC showed up a little early to set up and noticed a large number of cars for the 6am Anniversary Beatdown at the hands of Thomas. While Sparty was excited to see his support, he was nervous no one was going to show for the 7am workout. And with about 5 minutes until the top of the hour, the PAX started to arrive, relief! As the clock struck 7am, a warm welcome was given to the group as YHC took the PAX through the F3 Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles. Sparty let everyone know that he is not a professional and they should modify as needed. Also, we were going to run a lot today, so you may hate him for today’s workout. We then took a short mosey to the parking lot across the street to allow for Thomas to finish his COT, and to eat up some time waiting for anyone from the 6am group to join.

Warm-a-rama: Tappy Taps (15 IC), Tater Taps (15 IC), Big Ones (10 IC), High Knees (15 IC)

As we wrapped up, Vandelay (Respect) and Patton joined the group after their Punt, Pass, and Kick tryout. It was time to start our Thang. We took off out of the parking lot and took the north side access road east as we ran the whole loop back to Aldrich Elementary. The HIM ran their own pace and naturally form groups to run in. Sparty was very excited about the opportunity to run with Chiclets (Respect) and get the chance to catch up. As the PAX finished loop, everyone gathered at the school entrance. Sparty’s first stop was going to be one to test the men’s recovery after a long mosey.

6 Minute Tabata: Dips for 20 seconds, 10 second rest, High Knees with toes touching the bar for 20 seconds, and 10 second rest. This was a 6 minute Tabata which got heart rates up and blasted the men’s arms. At the conclusion of the Tabata, it was time to mosey again, but not before Cheap Seats had a young woman shouting his name and recognizing the hard work he was putting in. YHC even heard him EH the woman’s husband through this exchange. Proud of you Cheap Seats! The second long mosey to the same lap, but counter-clockwise. Vandelay (Respect) being the HIM that he is, took the guys from the back of the pack and cut across the loop to meet up with the leaders in running. This was a great decision to help save on time, and help the PAX that distant running isn’t their strong suit. The 2nd stop took the group back to the Methodist parking lot where the men were greeted with 4 cones.

Ladders with Burpees: the cones were spaced out approximately 5 yards apart. We ran ladders (aka suicides) and every time we returned to first cone, 5 burpees were performed. We took a quick 10 count before taking off. A quick audible was made, and Sparty knew another loop might break the PAX down and could also result in running out of time with out being able to complete all the exercises. So a small mosey was done which took the men back to the school on the north side of the school.

1 Minute of wall sit, and 1 minute of BTTW! While this was grueling on the body, it gave the PAX an opportunity to catch their breath, and a little more mumblechatter could be heard. Someone mentioned that their eyes almost popped out of their head during the BTTW. YHC was happy to see they didn’t fall out as that would have been a mess to clean up and explain. We then took a short mosey back to the Methodist lot and made our way towards “The Hill,” for our last stop.

As we arrived at “The Hill,” Sparty could see the concern in Patton’s eyes as he knows what was delivered on Thursday morning at The Berm, and he was having flashbacks! The last stop was 5 minutes of Bernie Sanders (Running backwards up the hill) with 5 Hand Release Merkins at the top, then a mosey back down the hill. “Omaha” was called and relief was physically visible. We then made a mosey back to the shovel flags for Mary.

6MoSparty’sFavoritesM: Heel Touches (15 IC), Gas Pumpers (15 IC), Marge & Homer, & American Hammers (15 IC).

Name-a-rama: nothing excited to report today.


Announcements: Veterans Day Ruck, Round 2 of Queens Service

COT – Today’s beatdown was supposed to be a reflection of life, we are all running our own “Race of Life.” Sometimes, we are running uphill, sometimes downhill, some runs are long, and some runs are short. And then life throws you a “Curveball,” which is what the small beatdowns were meant to represent. They were challenging and pushed your limits, but in the end you were able to overcome them. There are a lot of saying’s in life, and some of them I hate. One is “Life throws you a curveball.” I believe the intent of this phrase is intended to mean things are tough and challenging. Here is the truth about curveballs: they are really easy to spot them coming, easy to know when to lay off of them, and easy to hit out of the park. You see, when a pitcher throws a curveball, a red dot on the ball will appear to the hitter so the pitch is tipped off right away. If it starts low, it stays low so don’t swing at it. Also, the best hitters are able to put backspin on the ball when they hit it which allows it to carry farther. A curveball has backspin so the pitcher is providing the hitter with the spin he wants. So as you go through life and you get dealt a “Curveball,” hit it out of the park. Don’t back down from it or be intimidated by it. Life is giving you the opportunity to Accelerate and have success. This is the race of our lives. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunities to hit dingers when a curveball is thrown at you.

Sparty took the group out with a quick prayer.



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