The Pit Backblast: Faith & Concentrica

October 10, 2020|Halleck Park | AO – The Pit | Clear, 56° F. Humidity 79% Wind 7.0 mi/h from N

A couple weeks ago there was an Epic beatdown led by Honey Badger, Ponzi and Pony Express. This was a shovel flag pass from Honey Badger to Pony, not sure why Ponzi was involved…anyways. The Plague was impressed with how much fun Ponzi’s dodgeball portion of the workout was. Guys were laughing, getting their heart-rates up and having a ton of fun pummeling each other with dodgeballs. That match ended with Khakis winning by way of pegging The Plague in the head for the final toss. The Plague wanted revenge…and also to integrate fun into one of his beatdowns. In attempt to try something new, YHC decide to add dodgeball to his next beatdown.

It started with getting the dodgeballs courtesy of Armbar. Then there was a pre-pre blast on Twitter letting the PAX know to expect a rematch. Keeping in mind that YHC’s definition of fun also includes Burpees, the PAX were in for a surprise.

It was gloomy at 0500 when Fire Walker, Blue Suede and The Plague began their 10-mile mosey. After 6 miles we circled back to the shovel flags and picked up Salukie, Trench Jean Claude, and a few FNGs (that didn’t stay for the beatdown ☹). We then circled back after another 3 miles to get Crawl.

The clock rang 0700 and the “Fun” was about to begin!

PAX:  Gunner, Smashmouth, Toadstool, Fire Walker, Tenderfoot, Girl Dad, Blue Suede, Khakis, U-Haul, Lemon Law, Biggie Smalls, Trench, Tony Tiger, Crawl, Squeaky, Gobbler, High Life, Skittles, KOA, The Plague

Q: The Plague

The Plague welcomed the PAX to a beautiful morning at The Pit
This is F3 – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. F3 is a national network of free, peer-led workouts for men. Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.
Core principles:

  1. Are free of charge
  2. Are open to all men
  3. Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  4. Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  5. End with a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer: The Plague is not a professional – PAX need to modify as necessary.


PAX moseyed to parking lot near the baseball field for warm-a-rama

  • Imperial Walkers 20 IC

Pre-THANG – Bear Crawl Baseball

PAX counted off in threes – 1s started at first base, 2s at second, 3s at third. Each group bear crawled to home plate, performed exercise as a group then broad jumped back to their base. Rinse and repeat x 2. Exercises at home plate included 10 Groiners and 10 Hand Release-Release Merkins IC. It was clear that the 2s had the longest distance to bear crawl from second base and the mumblechatter indicated they were not happy about it.

At this point the PAX were puzzled, looking around for the dodgeballs that YHC had so humbly bragged about it my earlier tweet.

Death-Cage Dodgeball

We moseyed to the tennis courts which would be the arena for this death-cage dodgeball match. Several PAX were practicing/preparing and throwing wrenches at each other. As seen in a popular movie about the sport of dodgeball. Fun fact – you can YouTube dodgeball workouts and actually find some interesting content that helps you prepare for this sort of event. The rules: if you get hit or your throw is caught you owe 10 Burpees and SSH until one of your teammates catches a ball to bring you back in.

The PAX were split into 1s and 2s, got on their side of the center line and then bickered for a few minutes about the where to start. YHC directed the PAX to start at the fence, then ready, set, GO! PAX flew to the center line, pegging each other with dodgeballs. People were going down left and right in this battle and a few PAX were demonstrating excellent ball-handling skills. Group 1 won the first round and it was time for round 2.

Again, the PAX lined up on the fence and YHC called out ready, set, GO! More strategy was visible this round as Group 2 tried to make it an even match. It was clear Group 1 was cheating but somehow they managed to pull off a 2-0 victory. The battle ended with Girl Dad’s epic trick on Tony Tiger where he tossed one ball in the air then nailed him in the midsection with a second ball. GAME OVER!

The PAX moseyed to the football field for the real beatdown!

The Thang

Upon arrival to the football field, PAX were smiling, laughing and having a blast after the Epic Dodgeball match. Little did they know, the pain was about to begin. This is what YHC is calling the BURPH.

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Bonnie Blairs
  • 20 Bobby Hurley’s
  • 30 BBSU
  • Complete two rounds then mosey
  • Rinse and Repeat

PAX counted exercises going around the circle and everyone had a chance to participate in the fun. We completed 6 total rounds and the final mosey was back to the shovel flags for 6MOM.


  • Hip Twists – 20 IC
  • Parker Peters – 15 IC
  • Gas Mercuries – 15 IC
  • American Hammers 15 IC


  • The Plague shared some thoughts on Faith and the need for a higher power to truly live a Concentrica-based life
    • In order to truly prioritize relationships, we must trust that God has our best interest in mind
    • The tension between our culture and the concentrica sometimes makes us feel like we should be focusing on work or that work is where we might find our purpose
    • By prioritizing relationships based on the concentrica, we’re more likely to leave a legacy that honors God and leaves the people we’ve impacted remembering our character more than our work accomplishments
    • Think about your M, Shorties, Shieldlock and Whetstone – are you really putting these relationships before work and if not, what would that look like?
    • Life’s most urgent question for leaders: ‘What are you doing for others? – John Maxwell
      • When you hear this quote, think of the “others” as people you’re in close proximity with. Start focusing on how you can better serve them and your impact will be greater than you ever imagined.
  • Announcements
    • Operation Queen’s Service
    • Ghost Week
    • Virtual Blood Drive
  • TAPS –
    • Prayers for injured PAX and health of families
  • Coffeteria at the Beanery


The Plague

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