Octagon Backblast 10.5.2020. 2 Corners and a Hill

Oct. 5, 2020 | AO – The Octagon | Westside Swing School | 50Degrees and Breezy

PAX: Rollbar, Greasebar, Tenderfoot, U-Haul, Spreadsheet, Bloodshot, Hoosegow, Cyclone (Respect!), Spacebar, Brick, Stella, Othello, Wide Right, Mustafa, Toadstool, Khakis (Respect!)

Q: Tin Cup

Tin cup welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30 AM. The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and 5 Core Principles were given. An inquiry about FNGs was also made, but no FNGs were in attendance. The men then made their way onto the field from the parking lot.


The PAX moseyed around the track for a lap and continued to the North side of the field for warm-a-rama. Once at the location, the men circled up and the following exercises were performed: ▪ Tappy Taps – 15 IC▪ Side Straddle Hops – 20 IC▪ Windmills – 15 IC▪ Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Pre-THANG: The PAX lined on the E. Sideline and performed the following exercises as a group:▪ High Knees across the field (2)▪ Butt Kicks across the field (2)▪ 70% Run across the field (2)


2 Corners and a Hill: The PAX counted off into groups of 3. Twocorners on the West side of the field were marked with a cone with a list of exercises. Groups 2 & 3 were instructed to do as many sets of 20 of the individual exercise, with a 8 second count in between each set, until they were pushed to the next station. YHC admitted he did not have a good idea how long each group would be at each station before being pushed. Group 1 was on the East side of the field at the base of the hill and was the push group.

Exercises were as follows:

STATION 1 – Push Group



On Your Own1. 5 Burpees at Bottom of Hill2. Run to the top of Hill3. 10 Monkey Humpers (IC)4. Jog to Bottom and Al Gore for the SIX by the Cone

Group Runs to Station 2

Sets of 20 with 8 sec. Count in Between Each Set• LBCs (IC)• Werkins• Heels to Heaven• Cherry Pickers• Big Boy Sit Ups

Group Runs to Station 3

Sets of 20 with 8 sec. Count in Between Each Set• Air Squats• Mountain Climbers (IC)• Overhead Claps• Bobby Hurley’s• Merkins

Group Runs to Station 1 (HILL)

Mumblechatter: Pretty sure YHC needs to slow down when giving instructions. At first, there was some confusion about the pathway to each station (around the track or a direct mosey) and the order of exercises to be performed. Probably would have helped if YHC just called it a Triangle workout. 

After each group completed 3 rounds, Tin Cup called Omaha at 6:05 AM and the PAX moseyed to North side of the field for some Mary.

MOM▪ Freddy Mercury’s (IC)▪ Flutter Kicks (IC)▪ American Hammer – 17, each member of the PAX counted cadence once

Circle of Trust (COT):

YHC informed the PAX that today was his second time Q-ing. Hisprevious and VQ was in February. YHC had taken a few months off from March to July. He talked about what he missed about F3. First, the brotherhood and mutual respect for all members, and how F3 is open to all men with the goal of invigorating leadership in our community. YHC missed the way the group made him feel, including how he feels after burning 400+ calories, how he enjoys following F3Omaha on social media (side-note: YHC recommended reading Tug Boat’s very entertaining Back Blasts), and most importantly, the feeling of optimism created as a result of a group of men coming together to promote a positive common goal. These are good therapeutic feelings, and YHC did not realize how much he missed F3 during his time away.

We ended in prayer.

Aye – Tin Cup

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