September 23rd, 2020 | 12 PAX strong | Stinson Park AO @F3_heavymetal | 58°

PAX: Touche, Bloodshot, Baskin, TC, Honey Stinger, Super Tasty, Frosty, 2-Step, Samples, Wentworth, Beta Max

Q: Wafflehouse:     If you are reading this during the month of October, it is because YHC is a bit slow to post the BackBlast. Tardiness shall hopefully not be confused with lack a of respect for the AO’s time honored tradition of being the STRONGEST & MOST TIMELY AO in @F3Omaha, I’ve just recovered from the Beatdown in the Gloom that the PAX joined forces to disperse.

Disclaimer–Mission Statement–brief note about logistics of the Beatdown & we were off.

warm-O-rama: Windmills 15 IC, SSH 15 IC, String Rippers – 15 IC…

Pre Thang: 1. Shoulder shrugs 15 IC 2. Scarecrow 3×10 count 3. Standing Superman 3×10 count Dips IC- the PAX split into two groups.  The Dips were pushed by 1, 2, & 3. The dips lead the PAX in mumble chatter.

Thang: Circle up. Note the Weinke for details. After briefly stating an external force that brought something “Happy” or “Crappy” into our lives this week, we took turns leading each exercise.  Thank you all for sharing!  Each workout was divided by a casual Walking Lunge from the playground to the 67th St. x Mercy Rd. pavilion and back. 

MOM: Big Boys, Freddy Mercuries, Sweat Angels, LBC, Hammers…


YHC has been blessed to meet and be served by many physical therapist in the last 13 months.  This workout was inspired by Spencer from QLI.  He had a knack for dismembering the most complex problems, then offering tools to take one bite at a time.  Those problems may seem out of our control, however we all have the grace to accept and appreciate the challenges we are given, as in this short story by L.P. Kindred, Your Rover is Here,  

Anouncments/TAPS Many VQ’s this week- check one out. Queen Service wrapping up. Prayers for the lost souls that touch us all, the vision to help those in need, and the strength to ask for help when so needed.  

SYITG Waffle House Aye!

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