October 2nd, 2020 //AO: Golden Spike, Burke High School, Omaha, Nebraska// 37 degrees… to be blunt, it was cold and dark.

PAX: (8) Tonight Show, Sister Act, Blue Suede, Folsom, Saul, Grillz, Tin Cup, BetaMax

Q: BetaMax

The PAX was promptly welcomed at 5:30 am with the F3 mission statement, core principles and the disclaimer. It was a tight-knit group this morning with many “regular” Golden Spike PAX celebrating The Woodshed Shovel Flag passing to Pony Express and other brothers supporting the Father/Son Duo VQ at The Combine.

Basic Military Training (BMT) – Welcome to the suck 

Sundial Jumping Jacks

  • 20 IC SSH North
  • 20 IC SSH East
  • 20 IC SSH South
  • 20 IC SSH West 

Warm O Rama – hold your arms out parallel to the ground (like an airplane)… and don’t put them down. Off we go, into the wild blue yonder!

  • 30 calf raises (IC)
  • 20 squats (on my down)
  • Repeat x 4

*Mumble chatter: what’s next, bat wings?

Indian Mosey 
Everyone lines up single file and starts running at a 12 min mile pace around the track.  The six sprints to the front, and shouts “F3!” and the new six follows suit.  This repeated for two warm up laps.

HIIT Sprints

  • Whistle = 30 second sprint
  • Whistle = 30 second fast walk
  • (Repeat 3 times, per whistle blow)
  • Three whistles = 20 merkins followed by 20 big boys
  • Repeat until Omaha


  • Flutter kicks
  • Crunches
  • Military stretches


Splinter – orthopedic issues and quick recovery


  • Queen Service lunch (11:45) and Happy Hour (4:40 at Inner Rail)
  • Queen Service Round 2 launches Monday
  • RSVP to Tater Tot for the Vala’s event


In basic training, everyone slept in full PT gear, minus shoes. At 0448, our military training instructor (MTI) would be on the intercom telling us, “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go – get down there!”  I went through basic training at San Antonio during June and July.  We did PT six days a week and sometimes a 5k race on Sunday. If we didn’t want to do the 5k, we got to clean the latrine with our toothbrush, so… everyone did the 5k.

Picture waking up while still tired, throwing on your shoes (not time to lace them, just shove your foot in), grab a flash light and run down some stairs, out the door, while trying to avoid cockroaches.  

Outside, it’s dark, early morning sky, stars and moon still out.  Imagine those lights, with an eery yellow glow, illuminating a red synthetic track.  Couple that with a training instructor barking at you and you may get the idea.  We were being marched out to my own personal hell, every morning.  The only thing calming about it was gazing at the stars while on our backs doing warm-ups.

This morning was a repeat of those previous summer days a long time ago, but significantly different. Back then, all those going through bootcamp are striving to just “make it” and pass a test one time. This morning, and every morning, F3 brothers are shedding sweat and pushing each other, knowing we are improving our physical and mental fitness for the long haul/long term goal of LIFE. Keep accelerating.

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