Date:  10-03-2020 7am

AO:  The Oracle

PAX: Vandelay, Skillet, The Plague, Mufasa, A-Bomb, Lion Tamer, Skipper, Piano Man, Khakis, Sprout, Cheap Seats, Sweet Tooth,

QIC:  Sweet Tooth 

Conditions: A brisk overcast 48 degrees.

YHC welcomed 11 PAX to gloom.  No FNGs.  The introduction and mission statement were fumbled through like a first timer reading from his cue cards (it’s been a while since I’ve Q’d).  It was reiteration that if I can do it, anyone in the PAX can Q.  Don’t be afraid to try it!


Mosey to the field just west of the school for a quick warm-up. 1 SSH (20) IC –2 Windmills (Front and Back) (10) – IC3 Hillbillies  (20) – IC


Mosey to the west field near the walking paths.  Counted off by 4’s (we had 12 so that worked out great.)  Explained a little about the workout and a few exercises that some PAX may not be familiar with and off we went.  

“Train the Chain”

4 stations – 1 center point for PAX. Each station has 4 rounds.  After each station round we meet in middle till all groups are done with exercise. (Six is in) and train the chain with one exercise, and then move on to the next station. 

Station 1

Round 1 – 16 Shoulder Taps

Round 2 – 16 Merkins

Round 3 – 16 Cherry Pickers

Round 4 – 16 Overhead Claps

Station 2 

Round 1 – 15 Bobby Hurley’s

Round 2 –  15 Bonnie Blair’s

Round 3 – 15 Box Jump

Round 4 – 15 Box Land

Station 3 

Round 1 – 20 Banded Pull Apart

Round 2- 20 Banded Hammer Curls

Round 3 – 20 Banded Row 

Round 4 – 20 Banded Fly 

Station 4 

Round 1 – 20 Air Squats

Round 2 – 20 Mountain Climbers

Round 3 – 20 Reverse Lunges

Round 4 – 20 Flutter Kicks

Train the Chain Station  – –

Wait for 6 – Go through first exercise and then continue to next station.   

Round 1 – Plank – 15 Glute Bridges (IC),15 Bird Dog, 15 Sumo Squats, 15 Calf Raises

Round 2 – Al Gore –15 Glute Bridges (IC),15 Bird Dog, 15 Sumo Squats, 15 Calf Raises

Round 3 – Plank – 15 Glute Bridges (IC),15 Bird Dog, 15 Sumo Squats, 15 Calf Raises

Round 4 – Al Gore – 15 Glute Bridges (IC),15 Bird Dog, 15 Sumo Squats, 15 Calf Raises

I could tell the PAX was feeling good about the glutebridges after some mubble chatter and suspected starring of runners passing by.

6MOM- Heel Touches  -30 (IC)  – – Freddy Mercuries -30 (IC) – – American Hammer – 33 (IC)– Every Pax did a 3 count around the horn.  We got off a little so ended up with a few more.  All good  

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama – 12 PAX all accounted for. 


Valas’s Pumpkin Patch for PAX is coming up.  If you ordered tickets please talk to appropriate PAX to secure them.  Food donations are requested to enter.  Even if you cannot make the event please consider donating food.  Remember that the Fellowship and Faith “F” is something we should always be striving to grow in our PAX.

Prayers for Mufasa family.  Dealing with COVID infections.   Prayers for health of all family and speedyrecovery.  

COT and Prayer.   The message today was “Train the Chain”.  The “Chain” is our core muscles and our posterior chain from a physical standpoint.  These muscles are key in allowing us to “decelerate” when we are going fast.   We did a lot of seemingly easy exercises today, but it all has purpose to hopefully keep us balanced and hopefully help us to avoid injury.  In our lives we can all have a tendency to want to continually push forward with great speed and power.  But there is also great benefit to “taking a step back” to help you stay balanced.  These backward movements actually help us with that forward progress. And this isn’t just our physical fitness, but our mental and spiritual lives too.  Sometimes it is easy to forget the most important things in our lives.  Remember your core values.  Treat those the way you want to be treated.  Be Humble.  Be Kind.  Train that chain to have balance in your life for future growth.  

Prayer for all!

-Aye, Sweet Tooth.

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