//September 30, 2020//Stinson Park, Omaha, NE//AO-The Heavy Metal //58 degrees// 

PAX: Bloodshot, Boreland, Stella, Samples, Touche, Buns of Steel, Hipster, Frosty, Wentworth, Super Tasty, Splinter, Grease Fire, BetaMax 

Q: BetaMax 

Warm O Rama 

  • SSH 
  • Windmills 
  • Tappy Taps 
  • Mountain man pooper 
  • Failure to launch  

Pre-Thang – feats of strength 

Men like to compete. Men particularly enjoy comparing and competing against one another in the area of strength.  -Art of Manliness

Lunge walk to Pavillion 

  • Hang from gazebo; perform air squats when fatigued.  
  • Champion: Splinter 1:40 

Farmer carry walk to monument  

  • Perform wall sits; perform calf raises with weights when fatigued. 
  • Champion: Buns of Steel – 2:39 

Rifle carry weights to hill near stage  

The Thang – Pyramids of pain  

  • 5 Triceps Extensions  
  • 10 Overhead presses 
  • 15 Bicep curls (for the girls) 
  • 20 Kettle bell swings  

Farmer carry weights to top of hill 

  • 20 Kettle bell swings 
  • 15 Bicep curls (for the girls) 
  • 10 Overhead presses 
  • 5 Triceps Extensions 

Descend hill and drop weights 

  • 5 Burpees 
  • 10 Hand release merkins 
  • 15 IC monkey humpers 
  • 20 Second superman 

Sprint to top of hill 

  • 20 Second superman 
  • 15 IC monkey humpers 
  • 10 Hand release merkins 
  • 5 Burpees 

Farmer carry weights to bottom of the hill  

  • 5 Lateral (side) arm raises 
  • 10 Upright Rows 
  • 15 Hammer curls 
  • 20 Alternating merkins with one dumbbell offset 

Ascend hill w/ weights 

  • 20 Alternating merkins with one dumbbell offset 
  • 15 Hammer curls 
  • 10 Upright Rows 
  • 5 Lateral (side) arm raises 


  • 20 LBC’s 
  • 20 Flutter kicks 
  • 20 Low Dolly’s 
  • 20 American Hammers 
  • 60 second plank  


Prayers for Splinter’s orthopedic appointment  


First Friday lunch is going to be with QueenService Challenge HIM at The Hope Center on Friday at noon – RSVP to Folsom 

COT: BetaMax shared a quote from Warrant Buffet on saying “no” so that you can say “YES” to the things that matter (your relationship with your M, kids, and other priorities which really matter). 

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” 

 Time management requires you to be intentional in the budgeting and expenditure, just like money. BetaMax challenged the PAX to focus on what really matters. 


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