AO: Top Rope 

September 30th, 2020

PAX: Sparty, Roll Bar, Magic, Arm Bar, Griswold, DaVinci, U-haul, Skillet, Skipper, Wide Right, Hard Hat, Zero Rez, Kingpin, Mufasa, Birdman, LPC, Pele, Riptide, Othello, Tube Socks, Barndoor, Cheers, Convoy, FNG- Tombstone 

Q: Roadhouse

It was 56 degrees, the sky was clear and the moon was full. The air… was crisp. 

It was 4:45 AM and I pulled into the parking lot. I was the first one there. Typically, this would make me anxious. Was anyone coming? But today, I was calm. I was confident. I was there for the pre-run and after watering my usual bush some cars pulled in to join me. Armbar, Convoy (for his first pre-run ever), Barn Door, Griswold, Hard Hat, Magic and I waited for the clock to hit 5 am and we took off for our run. It was a gorgeous morning and the moon was big and bright in the sky. Convoy and I chatted about fantasy football for most of the run, it was glorious. 

As we returned to the shovel flags, a small group had gathered. It was 25 after 5. I had five minutes to get ready. Then from the darkness, I saw a familiar face, a friend. It was my buddy Mike. I had been working on him for a few months now and he was finally here. I was so exciting. F3 has been a game changer for me and to see a dear friend come to check it out, immediately lit my spark. I better make this thing good… 

At 5:30 I called the group to order and gave the usual spiel. We welcomed Mike as our only FNG and I shard the core principles, the mission and the disclaimer; despite what you have heard, I am not a professional. Now lets mosey… 

We headed up to the parking lot to the East of the school and circled up for warm-a-rama. 


SSH’s (Jumping Jacks) 15 IC

Big Ones 15 IC

Tappy Taps 15 IC

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Sun Gods 10 each 

After Warm-a-rama, we moseyed back towards the school, around the side and circled up on the soccer field. The moon was full in the sky and I could feel it bringing out the animalistic tendencies in each man. Only one thing to do when that happens… a sexy pre-thang. 

Sexy Pre-Thang

Pickle pushers 15 IC

Oh Yeahs x10 each arm

Monkey Humpers 15 IC 

Pickle Pointers 15

Calf raise with a Shwing 20 IC

After we got in touch with our bodies, we moseyed. We headed up to the basketballs court. It was time to grind. The thang was going to be a two man grinder. Everyone partnered up and lined up on the baseline. One man would stay on the baseline and do the exercises listed below. His partner would run the length of the court and do one set of 10 Merkins. I got the group started and told them to expect an audible at some point… 


Partner up. One guy will do exercises while the other guy runs 50 yards and does set of 10 merkins (merkins, werkins, chuck Norris, ranger and tempo) and back. 

The other guy will do the list of exercises in AMRAP until the other guy returns

Smurf Jacks 

Heels to Heaven 


Carolina Dry Docks

Copperhead squats 

Cherry Pickers


Bonnie Blairs 

Bobby Hurleys

Sumo Squats

Plank Jacks

After 5 or so runs down the court and back, I called the audible. I had the group move from the baseline to the sideline. At one end they would continue the list of exercises listed above. At the other end was the wall… 

Once you reached the wall instead on Merkins, there was a new list of exercises. 

10 Donkey kicks

10 chicken peckers

10 Australian mt climbers

Wall sit 10 count

As we worked through the beatdown, I could see the PAX slowing down. Guys were gassed. I could hear heavy breathing and grunts echoing in the air. I had done my job. The PAX had been pushed… and we they pushed back. OMAHA!!!! 

I called for the PAX to circle up one last time. It was time for Mary. 


Flutter Kicks 15 IC

Dying Cockroaches 15 IC

Freddy Mercurys 15 IC

American Hammer 25 (one per man) IC

After Mary, we brought the group in for Name-a-rama. The we had to name Mike. He came into the circle and gave us his story. Former cop turned banker… Someone said Wyatt Earp. I liked it but then someone said Tombstone. I loved it. 

We shared announcements, had a couple prayer requests and I gave my COT. All details below. DaVinci brought is out in prayer. It was a perfect morning. And an honor to lead. 


Look for upcoming VQs. Patton and Nemo will bring the father son heat to the Combine on Friday. For those of you who don’tknow, the Combine is the hardest working AO in town. 

There is a new site opening up called the Berm in NW Omaha. Birdman will be the Site Q. 168th and Fort area. Two pop ups and the official opening is October 15th. 

Prayer Requests: 

Sparty’s father in law Ted has the Covid. Pray for him and for Sparty’s M. 


For my COT I read a passage from the book, Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

“No other person has or will ever have your unique blend of talents, strengths, perspective, and gifts that you have. You are a onetime mega event in the universe. DON’T F*#@ING WASTE IT!”

In our lives we are frequently comparing ourselves to others; our brothers, our friends, our co-workers, other PAX members. We want to  be as smart as they are, as strong as they are, as good an athlete as they are, as good looking as they are. And social media only perpetuates this comparison society that we live in. 

But re-read that quote. You are a once in a lifetime event. There is not one other person like you in the world. So stop looking around at what others have, and focus on what you have. Lean into your strengths and your uniqueness. Celebrate your weirdness and become the best version of yourself you can be. 

Who you are and what you become falls on only one person… YOU. You are not a victim of circumstances or of the world around you. You control your destiny, a destiny that only you can create. 

I love you guys!

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