The Colosseum Backblast: Folsom’s Cube of Death!

September 29, 2020//Westside High School//AO-The Colosseum //43 degrees//

18 Pax: Blood Shot, Huffy, Sister Act, Flanders, Stella!, Pony Express, Samples (Respect!), Tenderfoot, Tin Cup, Pantyhose, Griswold, Space Bar, Brazilian, Pancake (Hate!), The Plague, Wide Right, Toadstool, and Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered just outside the track. The mission statement was made, the 5 core principles were stated, the disclaimer was made, and then Folsom led the PAX onto the track.

Moving Warm O’ Rama

  1. Mosey for a full lap, then line up across the goal line.
  2. Goal line to 20: High knees with a torso twist
  3. 20 to 40: Butt kickers
  4. 40 to 50: Bear Crawl
  5. 50: Tappy Taps ICx 10
  6. 50 to 40 Bear Crawl
  7. 40 to 20 Power Skips
  8. 20 to Goal line: LL Cool J’s

The Thang: The Folsom’s Cube of Death

Folsom had the PAX count off into fives and sent them to their corresponding stations at the corners to start the Cube of Death. The four corners were where the sidelines intersect the 10 yard line and the 50 yard line. The Pax had to sprint from corner to corner in the Cube of Death. Group five was the push, starting at station 1 and sprinting to station 2 to push that group, who in turn had to sprint to push station 3, etc. We made it to all of the stations 6 times, doing each exercise twice. In total we spent 25 minutes on the thang before Omaha was called. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Folsom you just shortened two sides of the Dreaded Wrecktangle and called it something else!” Not True! To map a cube, you need coordinates on 3 axis, because it’s a 3 dimensional object. Therefore, each corner had 3 exercises listed. First time at the corner = first exercise, second time = second exercise, etc. Unlike the Dreaded Wrecktangle where each corner represents a body part, like core, the corners of the Cube of Death hit the same body part on the same turn. See below:


  1. Big Boys, Hydraulic Squats, Cherry Pickers
  2. Flutter Kicks, Hobo Dumpers, Hand Release Merkins
  3. Plank, Lunges, Sun Gods forwards
  4. Heels to Heaven, Sumo Squats, Sun Gods backwards

MOM: The PAX circled around the 50-yard line and partook in some core exercises.

  • 60 second chill cut (I’ll be honest here, I could hear PAX talking and it pissed me off. If you can talk during my workout then I’m not providing you with a proper beatdown, so I did my best to crush the talkers with the rest of Mary. I can’t speak for them, but I could barely count at the end and I didn’t hear any more talk.)
  • Amazing Spiderman 10IC each side
  • Side Plank up’s 15 on each side
  • Heel touches 25IC
  • American Hammers around the circle for 18IC

Announcements/Prayers:  This Friday is the First Friday lunch! We’re joining the PAX that did Queen’s Service Challenge and giving a small donation to Hope Center. RSVP by Wednesday evening for a $20 lunch from Vitality Bowls and remainder to be donated to Hope Center. Prayers for Pantyhose’s uncle, who just underwent a triple bypass and prayers for Wide Right’s friend who suddenly lost his mother.

COT: Getting called up from the bullpen 13 hours before a beatdown makes the message the hardest part. Abs, chest, legs, cardio, all easy to plan. But what the hell to say that means something? I opened my heart last Friday at the Golden Spike, go read that. Today, I implored the PAX to lean in. During the beatdown, Huffy and I were asked about winter gear, we were glad to share our experiences and advice, but it doesn’t stop there. Last week when I shared my burden, Patton took me aside and offered some advice and encouragement to handle my problem. My burden is lighter now. We are in crazy times, open up and ask for help if you need it, and look at others and see when they need help AND deliver the help! Winter is coming; get tight with your brothers in F3!

Aye- Folsom

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