Sept. 26 2020 – The Pit Halleck Park, Papillion: 64 degrees and clear –  Q: Nobbs

PAX: Firewalker, Gipper, Trench, Tony the Tiger, High Life (FNG), Space Bar, Schnopps, Stretch, Gunner, Tenderfoot, FNG Sqeaky, Short Sale, Biggie Smalls

Performed the ever important standard F3 workout opening promptly at 7 am and did a short mosey to an open field to perform Warm-a-rama.

  • Warm A Rama (7 min) –
  • Side Straddle Hop 25
  • Tappy Taps 10 IC
  • Big Ones 10 IC
  • Albatross Bat Wings (fwd, backward, seal claps, overhead) & Cherry Pickers 20 IC • Chillcutt Peter Parkers 10 IC
  • Plank Jacks 10 IC

Pre-Thang: Pax into 4 groups and at one of 4 stations. Pax performed first exercise at each station and moseyed to the next station. Small group of Pax did the exercise together. (13 min)

  • #1 Shoulders: • Carolina Dry Docks 15 • Alt Shoulder Taps 15 IC • Dive Bombers 15
  •  #2 Legs: • Apollo Ohno 15 IC • Squat Jumps 15 • Alt Lunges 15 IC
  • #3 Abs: • LBC 15 IC • Big Boys 15 IC • Freddy Mercury 15 IC
  • #4 Chest: • Merkins 15 • Workins 15 • SphinxMerkins 15
  • Thang: Football Field
  • •1st & 10: Field Marked in 10 yard increments: 1 Burpee 10 Merkins at 10, then sprint rest to 100 yard. Recover jog to 20 yard line. 2 Burpees and 9 Merkins & Sprint. Repeat to 100 or Omaha.
  • Mary: 5 Min • Gas Pumpers 20 IC • American Hammers 10 IC for each PAX
  • Announcements and Prayers
  • Vala RSVP and Oct. 8
  • CoT: com·mit·ment the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself? We make commitments everyday. Sometimes it seems easier to keep our commitments to others. It’s probably because we don’t want to let them down or have them think poorly of us. If we didn’t come through, we’d probably feel a bit guilty, too. What about making commitments to yourself? What goals are you going to commit to? Making a commitment to achieve a goal, big or small, is the same as making a commitment to someone else. It’s an agreement you make with yourself. But now, there’s no one to disappoint but yourself. To what are you going to commit yourself? Staying committed to achieving your goals, especially in the face of adversity, can be difficult. It’s sometimes easier to just let ourselves down. There’s a sense of obligation when we make a commitment to someone else. We should have that same sense of obligation to ourselves. Making a commitment to achieving a goal may mean giving up something else. Maybe you don’t go out with your friends as often or spend as much time with your family as you’d like. Or you don’t join all the clubs you’re interested in, or play on a sports team. That’s just the way it is. No excuses. Excuses are giving up before you even begin. Keep your goals in sight and commit to them—and to yourself—no matter what. What are you committed to? My Commitment to Myself Put your goals on paper. Here’s an example. It’s up to you to commit to it!

Today, [DATE], I am making a commitment to myself to [GOAL]. I will stay focused and everyday I will do something, big or small, to help me achieve my goal. I will continue even when it seems like it won’t happen or others say I can’t. I will not give up. My goal is to [GOAL] and I am committed to achieving it!

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