Date-Time Group 2020SEP24 0530

AO The Maize

Weather 63, slight breeze

PAX (15) Rip Tide, FDIC, Convoy, Barn Door, Zerorez, Yodel, The Curse, Seabiscuit, Wait Time, Thomas, Thor, Cheap Seats, Sasquash, Pothole, Nightcrawler

QIC Nightcrawler

0530 YHC welcomed PAX at the shovel flag. F3 Mission Statement. 5 Tenants. Disclaimer. No FNGs.

Short mosey to basketball court.


  • Jump Nope: jumping rope without a jump rope. Then, add in high knee (right only) for a bit. Switch to left only for a bit. Switch to butt kick (right only) for a bit. Switch to left only for a bit.
  • Hillbillies x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
  • Windmills x 10 IC

The Thang Form 3 groups of 5 PAX. 1 group on each pain station (PS).

PS 1: Street

  • 80% effort on the flat, maintain pace up the hill, sprint downhill.
  • Pick up the 6.
  • Mosey to PS 2 (push group).

PS 2: Basketball court

  • Pickle Pointers x 10 IC. Deep squat side shuffle across length of basketball court.
  • Miranda Rights x 10 IC. Deep squat side shuffle (other direction) across basketball court.
  • Rinse & repeat until relieved. Mosey to PS 3.

PS 3: Base of hill by parking lot

  • Scorpions x 10 IC. Max effort sprint up the hill to sidewalk. Al Gore to the 6.
  • Tempo Derkins x 10 IC (feet on curb). Bear Crawl downhill. Plank to 6.
  • Rinse & repeat until relieved. Mosey to PS 1.

All groups completed 2 rounds before “Omaha” was called. Mosey to shovel flags.

6 MoM Rancid (hate) Style

  • Leg Lifts x 15 IC
  • Big Boys Sit Ups x 15
  • Rosalitas x 15 IC

Name-O-Rama & Announcements

  • 2nd F Events
    • Friday, Sep 26, 6:30p: Kolby Cooper concert @ Slowdown. M friendly event.
    • Thursday, Oct 8, 9a-9p: Vala’s Pumpkin Patch Free all day passes & fire pit gatherings (11a-4p, 5p-9p). M’s & 2.0s welcome! You should’ve received an invite via email. Questions? Email Tater Tot by Oct 1 to RSVP. Thank you, Crabcakes!
  • IPC Week 4 opportunities Friday and Saturday
  • Saturday, Nov 7, 5:30a-8:30a: Veterans Day “Respect Ruck” 10 Miler Start & end at The Canyon. All 3 “Fs” will be attended to!

Circle of Trust

I used to love running. Then I stopped. The Iron Pax Challenge will reveal [highlight] physical & mental weaknesses. I’ve spoken before about the mental challenge it revealed for me (9/09 Top Rope backblast). Physically, it exposed my poor running ability. I decided to pre-run with Vandelay (respect) prior to Tater Tot’s convergence. Vandelay (respect) is a runner. He set a pace that was slow enough for me to keep up but fast enough for me to feel uncomfortable. I was winded and my legs felt heavy, but mumblechatter with Vandelay (respect) made the experience much more enjoyable.

Something happened between miles 1 & 2. My body fell into rhythm. My breathing eased and my legs lightened. Its been years since I’ve felt that bounce in my stride. It felt so good. A scene from Forrest Gump flashed into my mind: the one where Forrest’s leg braces broke apart. That’s what it felt like! As if gravity let go of me. I felt fast & free. Like how Folsom likes his women.

We need to put a BRACE around deformed areas of our lives. Braces help us accelerate in the right direction. It requires preparation, discipline, repetition, and accountability – yep, it shouldn’t [can’t] happen alone. If you don’t have a shield lock (I don’t yet), form one (09/19 The Oracle backblast). Ask HIM to help you identify where you’re “crooked as a question mark” in Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Discuss what and how you should apply braces with the aim of being “straight as an arrow”. Be consistent and accountable. Your acceleration may just shatter the braces!

Finally, be available for other HIM. Follow F3Omaha on Twitter/Slack, make an effort at attending at least one Coffeeteria per week, post to a Q Source discussion, read Freed to Lead, etc. Don’t get caught up in delusions of grandeur; trying to change the world. Spend your time and effort loving those closest to you; you will change THEIR world.

3rdF Wait Time


  • Tclaps Barn Door for sacrificing 5 minutes of your pre-ruck to assist on set up.
  • Barn Door and Nightcrawler pre-rucked to the dam and back. The Cruse pre-ran solo.
  • Nightcrawler barely made the 0530-start time due to nature calling. I have a problem. The PAX were only mildly restless when YHC rolled in.
  • The second run really sucked. Downhill bear crawls were a questionable call.

After Action Review

  • Find a way to side-button nature calling 10 minutes prior to a beatdown. Bury YHC’s ego and tell someone YHC must shit so the PAX aren’t left guessing.
  • Overexplained The Thang. After initial planning, review it according to the KISS Rule. Run it by a seasoned HIM (site Q) for critique/notes.



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