9/24/20 – Battlefield Wishbone Trap Backblast

Q-Slow Pitch

Weather – Real, real, nice.

43 PAX – Tater Tot, Khakis (Respect), Pantyhose, No Doze, Patton, Samples (Respect), Bubbles, Honey Stinger, Nugent, Safe Ride, Skillet (Respect FNG), Da Vinci (Respect, Respect), Icy Hot, Birdman, Escargot, Sister Act, Tea Time (FNG), Sparty, Wide Right, Ponzi, Vandelay, Gumbo, Room Service, Brazilian, Brick, Buns of Steel, Mufasa, Touché, Frosty, LPC, Splinter, Tenderfoot, Lion Tamer, Swinger, Spacebar, Tugboat, Toadstool, Pancake, Grillz, Baskins, Beta Max, Griswald, Slow Pitch

Slow Pitch texted Sparty the night before, to express the anxiety that he has had for a couple of weeks leading up to today’s Q.  It’s a big deal to step on to Phelps Field for those of use that grew up on and around it. Certainly, didn’t want to let any of the PAX members down, by delivering a flat or losing record beatdown. 

The Q arrived early enough to see his good friend, power HIM, Khakis (Respect) running around the track in a weight vest. He may have started jogging the night before, right after he finished dinner. The man doesn’t only pick up every six, he puts on a weight vest and gets after a workout before the workout, so that he can be at the speed of an average man.  He puts a smile on Slow Pitch’s face every time he sees HIM because of all of the time he’s picked HIM up. Slow Pitch set up cones, on the half-lit field, along the North 43-yard line and one solo cone on the South 43-yard line. He then went to the bleachers to give his pre-thang a trial. Bunny hops and frog jumps up the bleachers, maybe a good idea if they were dry, but they had condensation on them and were slightly slick aluminum benches.  This is going to be a bad idea, but Slow Pitch likes a heightened degree of difficulty, to make it feel like he skirted death during exercise.  He then came back to 43-yard line, took a photo, smiled and went to the endzone, where PAX members started to gather.  Before he knew it, there were a couple/3 dozen guys in the vicinity and it was time to announce the F3 Mission (which Slow Pitch butchered again), 5 principles, and let everyone there was a good chance of injury in today’s workout and that he’s not a professional, so modify if needed. 

He announced it was time to Mosey around track halfway and circle around the South 43-yard cone. Oh boy, this circle seems a little big. He had the group count off 1’s and 2’s. Usually, PAX members know that Slow Pitch is going to do something entirely stupid if were counting off…and they were right.


Slow Pitch asked the PAX: “28 years ago, I was on this field when Westside beat Prep for the first time in over a decade.  Do you know who started at full back for Westside that game?”   A distant yell from the circle; “Slow Pitch?” – No, that guy was Scooter Huber.

Slow pitch told the instructions and demonstrated;

Bobby Hurley: 20 ¼ turn on down (1’s Clockwise, 2’s counter)

Grumbles from the PAX, as the fluid on the brain is starting to be in motion.  

Next exercise:

SSH: Rotating 20 IC: (1’s Counter, 2’s Clockwise)

This is where some decided to take a knee and some just fought through it, but golly if you had anything in your stomach it was going to be on the field. No Doze wasn’t participating in this nonsense. Sparty, naturally has vertigo, so this was like shaking a can of soda for his skull. When finished, Slow Pitch was walking like he was failing another sobriety test. Or like LPC suggested, the spinning around a bat race.

Slow Pitch yelled out: Do you know who started at Weakside Linebacker for Westside that game?  “Slow Pitch?” No, Michael Cooper.

With a shaky foundation we finished warmarama with:

​Squats: Hold 4 count 20 IC

Pop up Groiner: 20 on up

Mosey to stands.

Pre Thang:

Here’s where dumb got dangerous. Hopping and jumping on greased bleachers solo is a little different than with 40 guys. 

​Sit on bottom bleacher and do leg lifts 20 on up

Stand on bottom bleacher and bunny hop to top

(The Q heard “Eff this, I’m not doing this shit” and saw some guys modify, as they are smarter than he is and unwilling to do the moronic things the Q was doing)

​Alternating Lunges on way down

​Sit on bottom bleacher and do leg lifts 20 on up

​Frog jumps (2 hands on bleacher push/jump up) 

(Equally stupid as the first, lots of PAX optioning for the cement, non-slick steps as their option of ascension to the top) 

​Alternating lunges on the way down

​Sit on bottom bleacher and do leg lifts 20 on up

Mosey to North 43-yard line

“In the fall of 1993, do you know who had a 43-yard touchdown run?”-The answer to this question was Slow Pitch

Here the Thang was described, but split into two groups


Line up on 43, in three-point stance (like a fullback), on down set hut, sprint to goal line, hold hand in the air as you cross the goal line. 

Line up on goal line, broad jump to five-yard line. 5 Hand Release Merkins together on down.

Broad jump 5 yards, 5 HR Merkins together. Repeat this until reach the 40-yard line, complete 5 HR Merkins, broad jump to 43, do 3 HR Merkins.  

Line up on 43, in three-point stance (like a fullback), on down set hut, sprint to goal line, hold hand in the air as you cross the goal line. 

Line up on goal line, broad jump burpee 5-yards, 5 Gas Pumpers IC together. (now Slow Pitch apologized because he knew this was going to sting, but mostly on himself, not the other titan HIMs)

Repeat this until reach the 40-yard line, complete 5 Gas Pumpers IC, (not quite halfway through Slow Pitch called an audible and changed the pumpers into non-in-cadence) broad jump burpee to 43, do 3 Gas Pumpers IC. Things were pretty quiet during this stretch of exercises, not certain what happened, but the mumblechatter was few and far between.

Slow Pitch was now losing cabin pressure, he had seen stars on his last 43-yard dash and this was getting close to calling the paramedics, but he was able to ask for a 10 count and someone was nice enough to give it.

Line up on 43, in three-point stance (like a fullback), on down set hut, sprint to goal line. This time Tugboat decided to take off on a “sike” and the group followed.

Slow Pitch’s alarm was going off, but he decided to have PAX complete the last set, that he never thought he’d actually get to and only wrote it out for show. Line up on goal line, bear crawl 5-yards, 5 Donkey Kicks on up. By the 30-yard line the Q’s shoulders were hurting enough that he wanted to just yell Omaha, but willed himself to the finish, like a real Westside Warrior would do. Repeat this until reach the 40-yard line, complete 5 Donkey Kicks, bear crawl to 43, do 3 Donkey Kicks.   We got a 10 count, then Omaha was called.


Khakis (Respect) was asked to take us out in American Hammer: 43 IC

We counted off and we had 43 PAX members (welcome Skillet and Tea Time), the Q was starting to get emotional and was hoping to keep it together, his watch alarm started to go off and kept vibrating. He looked at it and somehow in the workout it had stopped and changed settings. When Slow Pitch looked at it said “exhale.” God was there for him at that moment and wanted the Q to breathe.  Slow Pitch delivered the lengthy COT below:


Significance of 43 in F3:  This is from Dredd (the founder of F3) and Dark Helmet (President of F3 Nation)

Guys who were 43 years old were so over-represented in those first workouts that it became a joke in the COTs.  The number was later adopted in the book and lexicon as part of the phrase “Building 43 Feet Ahead” in reference to building a leadership road forty-three feet ahead of the people driving on it. The metaphor extends to mentoring and being willing to share your life lessons with guys who are just behind you on their life journey.

When these hollowed grounds became an AO, over a year ago, I started to plan on Q’ing close to my 44th birthday, whether the Site Q knew it or not.  This field and stadium hold a lot of wonderful memories of mine, from when I was in the stands in elementary to when I played in High School.  27-28 years ago, I had laughed, cheered and cried on this field. I have been a part of winning and losing, pain and celebrations. Many of you guys were on state championship teams in high school or conference winning teams in college. I was not. I was a leader, a senior, a two-way starter on a losing team. Coach Morrisey had 3 losing years out of his 20+ year coaching career and I was a leader on one of those teams. My senior yearfollowed one of our coaches’ best classes, that he ever had, and we were not good. 3 and 6. My last game of that year I was given the ball on a fullback trap and I ran through an enormous hole to score a 43-yard touchdown. I remember the end of that game, crying, knowing that the comradery with those teammates were over, on this field. There was a hole. Being a leader on a losing team is extremely tough, but it helped prepare me for the challenges, I was going to encounter in my life ahead. My young adult life was filled with harmful decisions, addiction, loneliness and depression. This went through my twenties up into my thirties and then after that, I was trying to rewrite my book. The point is this; you are in the middle of being able to rewrite whatever you want your life to be. There are going to be challenges, roadblocks, disappointment, sadness, but there will also be the flip of that. Don’t not let single days, years, or decades determine your path forever, it wasn’t and isn’t my destiny to be on losing teams. My destiny is to find the difficult path to you guys, to learn how to be a better husband, father, son, brother, friend, coworker and citizen.

At age 43, it was my first full year of F3 and without a doubt, might have been the best year in my adult life, minus the events of getting married and having children. I found that comradery with you. This is where the 43 feetmetaphor applied to my life. It was extended by you to mentor and have the willingness to share your life lessons with me who was and is just behind you on my life journey.

Keep building 43 feet ahead!

Prayer – Grillz

Most grateful and humbled by the PAX’s kind words! – Slow Pitch

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