Back blast Top Rope: Overcome your fear

AO: Top Rope 9/23
Temp. 59 degrees and thick
Q: TubeSocks (VQ)
Pax: Scrapper, Magic, Skipper, Tater Tot, U-Haul, Mufasa, Smashmouth, Folsom, Wide Right, Saul, Othello, Sparta, Cheers, Hog, Riptide, Barndoor, Arm bar, Roadhouse, Big One, Patton, Tugboat, Kiebasa, Griswald, Nightcrawler, A-Bomb, TubSocks

5:30 PAX met by the shovel flags.  5 Core Principles , disclaimer and mission statement given.  PAX did mosey to neighboring building parking lot for Warm-A-Rama:
SSH, Tappy Taps, Big boy’s (Q decided not to have a wet butt so these were switched to warm a rama from the thang), and Big One side lunges.

Pre-Thang: Ladder run to a destination then ran to the field for thang.

The Thang: 2-man grinder: partner 1 starts by running to cones, performs 10 merkins and runs back switching with partner 2. Partners were asked to do cumulative 50-burpees, 100 alternating lunges (switched from Big Boy sit up), 150 overhead claps, 200-squats. Rinse and repeat.

PAX then moseyed back to shovel flags for COT. Q decided (or forgot about) to skip Marys due to effort of PAX during workout.
This is the last week of Queen service.
Saturday 2nd F at Slowdown,

Sat, Nov 7, Respect Ruck 10 mile ruck for Veteran’s Day. 0530 start/end at Canyon.

Many VQ’s coming up, show support!

Win your inner battles:
Anxieties have kept me from doing things in my past and I am determined to win my inner battles daily with that door of resistance. F3 has allowed me to push through my forward and make progress towards winning my inner battles.
Prayer: Armbar

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