BACKBLAST (22’s or 24’s who’s counting)

September 23rd, 2020|Paradise Bakery, Regency | AO – Paradise Island | 58°

PAX:  The Plague, Blue Chip, Icy Hot, Biff, Todo, Convoy, Trench, Gunner, Bubbles, No Doze, Flanders, Uncle Rico, Grillz, Vandelay, CDL (FNG), Slow Pitch, Splinter

Q: Splinter

17 PAX welcomed the beautiful crisp morning at Burpee (Paradise) Island.  YHC explained the mission of F3 along with the 5 core principles and reminded PAX that YHC is not a professional so modify exercises as needed. 

YHC commented about posting for the first time just about a year ago and how much this group of HIMs has meant to him.  YHC informed the PAX that we were about to relive that post.  But to start in true form YHC could not leave out a few burpees along the way.  

YHC instructed the PAX we were going to start right at the flag with 10 burpees.  PAX then moseyed to the end of the Paradise parking lot and YHC asked everyone to holdup.  PAX wereconfused “we don’t stop here” was the chatter.  YHC informed PAX we needed to get another 5 burpees in before continuing on to the warm-a-rama.  PAX complied and then moseyed to the corner of Regency Parkway and Harney Parkway for warm-a-rama


PAX circled up for• 25 SSH – IC• 10 Tater Taps – IC• 20 Sun gods – IC (10 forward 10 reverse)

PAX moseyed up the hill to circle up and in true HIM fashion PAX moseyed back down the hill to pick up the 6 and conquer the hill together in the end.  10 count was called and 5 more burpees were put in the book.  PAX moseyed an odd way (The Plauge got a bit excited “this is new!!!”) to the east side of the park and found a flower pot.  At the flower pot PAX completed 5 more burpees while Slow Pitch and Vandelay brought in the six.

The Thang

PAX circled up around the flower pot and we were instructed that we would be completing 2 rounds of the 22’s exercise adjusting by 2 reps each time.  

22’s Stage 1: Merkins with a row IC and Air Squats on down. Merkins would remove 2 reps and Air Squats would add 2 reps each round.  This produced sets of 22/2, 20/4, 18/6, 16/8, 14/10, 12/12, 10/14, 8/16, 6/18, 4/20 and 2/22.  YHC is realizing as this is typed that we actually made up a new exercise of 24’s.  Mumblechatter was quite this morning and more groaning was heard during the Row Merkins than anything else.  Counting was the last thing the PAX were worried about I guess.  For Stage 2 PAX moseyed to the other side of the park and held the plank for the 6.  

Stage 2; Modified for time PAX were instructed to do 22 Lunges IC (alternating legs) and then 2 Merkins on down.  2 reps were removed from the Lunges each round and Merkins stayed at 2 each round.  Rounds were as follows; 22/2, 20/2, 18/2, 16/2, 14/2, 12/2, 10/2, 8/2, 6/2, 4/2, 2/2.  PAX shared the cadence count and about 2/3 of the way through legs were spent and bearings were lost, PAX forgot what IC was and YHC was smiling on the inside. Regained our composure and moseyed back to the parking lot where PAX did a 90 second wall sit.

Mosey over to shovel flags for Mary

PAX circled up and 25 Hammers were completed for Mary.


FNG (CDL) was welcomed.

Circle of Trust:

YHC has been on a journey lately at home and wanted to discuss a little of what has come to light with the PAX.  With a quiver full of arrows at home YHC has been known to be tired a bit of the time and this is reasonable as any parent would tell you.  The sad part about this situation is that YHC has been feeling that I have a right to be tired and realizing that this behavior is being observed by 2.0’s.  Lacking shield lock a man can stay in these places mentally for a long period of time that has a negative effect on those around him.  We need guys in our lives who are willing to call us out.  Freed to Lead notes that men in your life that are still in the sifter after the rest has passed through the mesh are friends.  Men that stay in your life when you are shaken over and over are true friends, remember that.  Find those men, it is never too late in life to make new friendships.  Evaluate where you are, take stock of those around you and “Modify as needed” men.  

Anouncments/TAPSo Prayers for Blue Chip and his family for their loss and for all the PAX members who put themselves out there for others to learn from their weaknesses.  

Coffeteria/3rdF discussion followed



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