Oscar Mike at The Oracle: Pain

9.19.2020 0600 Weather: 56° clear skies

PAX: Nightcrawler, Wentworth, Safe Ride

QIC: Rollbar

As we stepped off YHC gave a quick introduction and disclaimer to the well seasoned PAX that had joined him and reminded them of the pre-blast promise of low miles and high pain. YHC informed them that the short hike was going to be their warm-o-rama, so get loose.

The intended beatdown location was the first open grassy area on the trail, but Birman already had a lit cone set staking his claim to the ground, YHC adjusted fire and we trekked on to the next open spot, “DAMN, ANOTHER CONE, BIRDMAN?!”, I guess the bootcamp was using the whole trail system. Fortunately, this green space was large enough for both groups, so we settled in for the Thang.

The Thang

  • One arm Ruck thrusters x10 Each Arm
  • Ruck Squats x15
  • Ruck Swings x15
  • V-Ups Ruck overhead x15

Bear Crawl

  • Overhead press x15
  • Curls x15
  • Flutter kicks- Ruck overhead x15IC
  • Lung &Twist x10 each side

Crawling Ruck Drag

  • Plank 30 count
  • Tricep extensions x15
  • Chest Press x15
  • Man Makers x10

Rinse and Repeat for a second round before we headed back to the flags for Mary and to greet and join the incoming 0700 PAX.

6 Minutes of Mary

LBC x20

Big Boys With ruck press (courtesy of Nightcrawler) “Get your head through the window!” x10

American Hammers 10 per PAX


YHC’s current buzzword has been swirling all around lately, starting with GrowRuck and being further drilled in by IronPAX, other men’s COTs and mentioned by DREDD in Q-source postings even this week.

The word is Duribility.

I believe this is one of the main reasons why, in F3, we choose to do hard things.

It is an important component of preparedness, and preparedness is vital to virtuous leadership. Virtuous Leadership is steady and consistent even in times of difficulty. We can prepare for the unexpected by doing difficult and dirty and demanding  things regularly, by choice, so when it happens in real life we are ready.

Be ready, be prepared, be durible.  Aye.

Be blessed,



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