09.18.2020 | Heavy Metal AO | Stinson Park  | 6750 Mercy Road

PAX: 13 – Wentworth, Hooskal, Bloodshot, Betamax, Super Tasty, Buns O’ Steel, Touche, Samples, Borland, Frosty, Mufasa, & Swinger

Qic: Selleck

Weather:  Perf.

Selleck moved pax from playground pad to Obelisk. Welcomed PAX to HM, dispensed the F3 mission and minimal pleasantries before moving right into RUN DMC with the seasoned PAX.

Lap around the park – RUN DMC

  • 1/2 lap – Diamond merkins – 15 IC
  • 1/2 lap – Merkins -15 IC
  • Run back to obelisk – Crucibles – 15 IC


Windmills – 10 IC

SSH – 15 IC

String Rippers – 15 IC

Sprinklers – 15 IC

THANG – Waning Crescent

4 rounds of 4 different exercices commenced. Each exercise was broken down into 2 sets; a IC set and a single rep set. Between each round there was an attempt at the waning crescent (BTTW Indian Run aka wall conveyor in the exicon)…modification ensued.


Bent over rows – 15 IC/15 Single

Alt Shoulder Tap – 15 IC/Command Rows – 15 Single

Pullovers – 15IC/15 Single

Johnny Dramas – 15IC/15 Single

****Waning Cresent****


Dumbbell Clean – 15 IC/15 Single

Overhead Press – 15 IC/15 Single

Reverse Lunge – 15 IC/15 Single

Shrugs – 15 IC/15 Single

***Waning Crescent…ahem, I mean Wall Sit Indian Run!!!***


Goblet Squats – 15 IC/15 Single

Floor Press – 15 IC/15 Single

Skull Crusher – 15 IC/15 Single

Step-ups -15 IC / Dips 15 Single

***Wall Site Indian Run***


Snatch – 8 Single each arm (Slowing down now)

Deadlifts – 15 IC/15 Single

ALT shoulder Press – 15 IC/Dual Press – Single

Hammer curls – 15 IC/15 Single


LBC – 15 IC

E2K – 15 IC each leg

Low Dolly – 15 IC

American Hammer – 26 IC (Wentworth)


  • Selleck touched on the ‘power of words’ with his M. Particular when finding himself on the defensive. He offered a rambling story recounting a moment that was not his finest. In short, he has found more grace and balance when finding a semi-regular time to ask the M “how am I doing for you and our family lately or Where am I falling short.” F3 provides us with the balance to persevere during these trying times. Recently, Selleck shared he may not have been “checking-in” as much as he should have been with those closest to him….rather putting more investment in those outside of the concentrica.
  • Today’s Challenge – ask someone in your circle today, how you are doing? Ask them to be brutally honest and ask if you can lean on them for feedback in the future.



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