Futurama Backblast: “Attitude and Effort”

Futurama Backblast –September 17, 2020 

PAX: Two Step, Rooster, Tater-Tot, Kibbles and Bits, Hipster, Biff, Tomas, FNG (Dismal), Spreadsheet,  Othello, Slow Pitch, Minute Man, Touché, U-Haul, Bogey, Hashtag, Sampras, Piano Man, and 

Q: Toadstool 

Toadstool welcomed 19 PAX (including one FNG) to Futurama. Gave the mission statement, disclaimer,  and the Credo.  

PAX performed a mosey around the park and circled up for warm-a-rama. 


Side Straddle Hop – 20 IC 

Tappy Taps – 15 IC 

Sun Gods – 10 IC (forward and back) 

Cherry Pickers – 20 IC  

Imperial Walkers – 20 IC 

ATMs – 10 each 

Pre-Thang: After another gentle mosey, Pax lined up in the west tranquil green space and did a “reverse  Mary” exercise… 

-LBCs – 25 (IC) 

-bear crawl up part of the hill. 

-Big Boys – 25 

-bear crawl up more of the hill. 

-Freddie Mercurys – 25 (IC) 

-bear crawl up more of the hill. 

-Flutter Kicks – 25 (IC) 

-bear crawl up to top of hill. 

-And then American Hammers – 25 (IC) 


This beatdown was your basic two-man grinder. One man did the exercises on the landing while the other  ran halfway down the south field and back. Each two-man team was collectively responsible for doing  100 reps of each exercise, except burpees (50 because they are just terrible).  

-Merkins – 100 

-Air Squats – 100 

-Dips – 100 

-Bobby Hurleys – 100 

-Burpees – 50


The PAX was not happy to learn I decided to audible and have us to a chain run down and around the  sidewalk on the south side and then back up the hill… But it bought some time. 


COT: There are only two things you can control in this life – attitude and effort.  

-Our lives are filled with ups and downs. Good days and bad. Not surprisingly, our mood  and our outlook tends to reflect those good days and bad days. No one controls how you  react to a bad day or tough circumstance but you. We all have people in our lives that  are just positive, even when things are bad. Not naïve, but living with a sense of purpose  and optimism. We can all be that person, but it takes deliberate effort and a change of  our attitude.  


• PAX welcomed an FNG and the sandhills sensation, “Dismal” 

• Tater Tot congratulations the PAX on all of the new leadership  

• Prayers for Kibbles & Bits’s co-worker in his upcoming surgery 

• Toadstool closed out in prayer

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