9.15.20 | Colosseum AO | Westide High School | 60 Degrees, brighter than day time, due to the amazing daytime spotlight bulbs on the football field, with a slight fog rolling off the field and steam rolling off the PAX approximately three minutes into the beatdown.

20 PAX: Wide right, Stella, Baskins (Respect!), Griswold, Swinger, Bloodshot, Pancake, Gumbo, Squidward, Hoosegow, Folsom, Tenderfoot, Samples (Respect!), TC (Respect!), Greek Freak, Skipper, Toadstool, Flanders, SafeRide, BetaMax

Q: BetaMax

*Pre-beatdown… BetaMax explains to folks showing up that he was taking over the Q for Folsom, who was unable to lead the workout today… and then Folsom walked up.  YHC was unable to find a term for when this happens in the lexicon, but there needs to be a term for it.

BetaMax, speechless from this, was prompted by SafeRide that is was 32 seconds past 0530, so he gave the mission statement, core principals, disclaimer and the PAX was off for a quick mosey to the West parking lot near the baseball field.  As the PAX was getting closer to a lone SUV in the parking lot, BetaMax opened the trunk remotely and there, before everyone, was 100 brand new common bricks, weighing approximately 1.5 pounds each.  BetaMax instructed everyone to grab two and to never put them down. 

*Lots of mumble chatter on what the real purpose of the bricks was and if we would be moseying to BetaMax’s home nearby to help him lay a patio. YHC repeated over and over that they were a “gift.”

Warm O Rama

  • SSH
  • Goofballs
  • Overhead claps
  • Sun gods (forward & reverse)
  • Bicep curl -> Overhead press -> Tricep extension (repeat until muscle failure)

The PAX moseyed (with bricks in hand) back to the center of the football field to be numbered off into groups of three and then everyone went to the Westside home team stairs.

Thang 1 – Stair Grinder – 11’s

  • Bottom = (1) Brickee (burpees with bricks)
  • Top = (10) Bonnie Blairs (rinse and repeat)

*Almost NO mumble chatter.

Thang 2 – Brick Grinder (one partner runs entire length of football field with bricks in hand)

Endzone – AMRAP

  • Bicep Curls with alternating lunges 
  • Hand release merkins 
  • Superman
  • Bent over tricep kickback

Endzone – AMRAP

  • Overhead Triceps Extension w/calf raise
  • Body weight squat & Shoulder Press 
  • Wide Leg Squat & front shoulder raise 
  • Lateral raises to side 


  • Heels to heaven 
  • Big boys 
  • Crunch frogs 
  • American hammers

Announcements/Prayers: Keep the Meehan family in your prayers this week.

COT: The bricks we carried and used during this workout added a different dynamic to the exercises than we are use to.  Sometimes we are carrying a few extra pounds and that physically weighs us down.  Other times, the weight is emotional (anxiety, stress, etc.).  I encourage you to reflect on what we did in this beatdown.  For some of you, the extra weight was a joke and all exercises could be done easily; likewise, some of you might be in a “easy” phase of life (young, single, no kids, grocery and Uber eats food delivered, etc.).  For others, using a few bricks for any entire workout was a struggle, just like seasons of life can be. If you can carry your own weight, help out another brother with their load.

Fat drive: (Like a blood drive, but significantly more work is involved). Speaking of “carrying their load” – if you are interested in losing some weight to help the PAX participating in the Queen Service Challenge, please connect with TC to find out how you can pledge some pounds to help the group meet their target goal.



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