AO: Paradise Island

September 16th

PAX- Billy Ray, Blue Chip, Two Step, The Curse, No Doze, LPC, Miracle, Convoy, Biff, Trench, Gunner, Double Take, Bubbles, Sparty, Scrapper, Wait Time, Grillz, Vandelay, Splinter, FDIC, Geico, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch

Q: Roadhouse

Wednesday morning, 63 degrees, Waning Crescent moon 

The story of this beatdown starts during the pre-run. I arrived at Paradise at 4:35 to get a little jog in before the beatdown. Vandelay was there waiting for me. Tater Tot joined us as well. We set out from the parking lot and headed South. The pre-run went well until it didn’t… 

As we jogged up Regency Parkway back towards Paradise, two people approached us. It was two young ladies one of which knew Tater. As we got closer, she engaged us in conversation but her and her running mate made no attempt to move from the sidewalk. Like the gentlemen we are, Vandelay, Tater and I jumped off the sidewalk to make way for the ladies. Tater and I did this seamlessly…. Vandelay was not so lucky. 

I jogged past the ladies. Tater Tot engaged one in conversation. Vandelay disappeared. Literally, one second he was there, and then he wasn’t. I heard one of the girls scream and I thought Tater Tot had taken off his shirt. But no. Vandelay was down.  Rolling around on the ground like a rhinoceros trying to scratch an itch on its back. Apparently, he had stepped into a giant hole. And it almost took his life. Thankfully, he pulled himself together and we were back on our way. “And that is why we don’t let women in F3…” Tater exclaimed as we ran away from the scene of the crime. 

While I was glad that Vandelay was not injured, I was now distracted. I had a workout to lead, I had to get focused. We finished our pre-run and arrived back at the parking lot to a pretty good sized group of men. As 5:15 approached we got to around 20 guys ready to run. It was a beautiful morning. A little humid, but perfect for a beatdown. 

I welcomed the group as usual. The 5 core principles, a description of what we would be doing, the disclaimer that I am not a professional and the mission of F3. And with that, lets Mosey. 

We started out for the first part of our run. Wait Time was ahead of me and I saw his car key fob fall out of his pocket as we began to run. I scooped it up and put it in my pocket. Now my dilemma… do I hold onto the keys for the entire workout and let him panic when he gets back to his car for his daily “taking off of the shirt” or do I give them to him at our first stop. Let’s wait and see. The group moseyed down Regency Parkway. We made the sign of the cross as we passes the chalk outline of Vandelay’s body from earlier. Godspeed Vandelay…Godspeed. 

As we got to our first stop the group circled up. I decided to give Wait Time his key at this time. I didn’t want to be responsible for his much nicer car than mine. Too much pressure. I handed him the fob and he was grateful and confused at the same time. It was time for Warm-a-rama. 


SSH’s (Jumping Jacks) 15 IC

Sun Gods 10 each 

Pickle pushers 20 IC

Monkey Humpers 15 IC 

Calf Raises with an Air Hump at the top- 15- I call them Slow Pitches

After Warm-a-rama, we took to the lake. The group moseyed around the lake and the air filled with mumble chatter. Big ten football, kids home schooling, fantasy football, possible covidexposures. Typical 2020 chatter. The water on the lake was as calm as I have ever seen. The moonlight shimmered off of it. It was gorgeous. Can you see it?  

We got to the clubhouse, our next stop. Now at I had planned for some Merkin Mania at this point but I had heard some chatter about the Iron Pax challenge this week. Apparently, it was filled with Merkins. I debated tweaking but that felt like a lot of work. So I continued as planned. • Merkins- 10• Werkins- 10• Diamond Merkins-10• Hand Release Merkins- 10• Ranger Merkins- 10• Chuck Norris Merkins- 10

Once we finished the Mania, we moseyed onto the next stop. It was time for core work. I called for the group to get on their six and we did the following.• LBCs- 20• Heels to heaven- 20• Flutter Kicks- 20

We hopped up quickly and headed towards the hill. We stopped at the planter at the bottom of the hill and did 30 dips. For good measure. Now, lets take the hill! The group put their heads down and dug in. This hill can feel never-ending but together we kept going. There was hardly any chatter. Just some heavy breathing. Lots of heavy breathing. 

We got to the top of the hill and after picking up the six, we did a few exercises.  • Cherry Pickers- 40• Air Squats- 20• Mountain Climbers- 30

The group took off for our last mosey. Down the hill and across Regency Parkway. We circled up for Mary. • Bog Boys- 20• ABCs• American Hammers-20

After Mary, we headed back to the shovel flags. The group was tired. But satisfied. Just like a usually leave them… 

Name-a-rama went off without a hitch. 


St Roberts Trivia night is October 3rd. Roadhouse will be MC’ing

Couple VQs this week. Support your PAX 


For those PAX members struggling 

For Vandelay…. May we recover well… 



Let’s talk a little this morning about effort. Years ago, a friend of mine and I had had a few drinks and they said to me, “it would be really awesome to see you try at something someday…” Wow! I was pissed. I kept drinking and I went home. The next day. I was on a mission. I had a plan. I was going to do a TRY-athalon. I printed off a training plan and taped it to the wall next to my bed. The next morning my alarm went off. Snooze…  Day 2, snooze. Day 3, turned the alarm off. Day 4, didn’t even set the alarm. My dreams of running a triathalon had ended. And still, I had not tried at anything. It wasn’t until years later that I got a job I loved that I really poured myself into something, And now I stand here today, in the best shape of my life because I have put in the effort. It is absolutely amazing how much we can accomplish when we put in effort. And how we will always come up short when we don’t put in the effort. I look back on my life and see so many unmet dreams because I didn’t try hard enough…. Or at all. I was talking to my dad this weekend about sports- I never tried and then cried when I got cut. My first marriage, candidly my current marriage. Work. The list goes on and on. There are far too many examples of me just not putting in the effort. 

So here is my challenge to you, take some time to reflect on your life and the areas that you are struggling and pick one area that you need to out in more effort. One area. That’s it. And this week, put in that effort. Put in the same effort that you put into F3. And see what happens. I think you might like what you see and how you feel.

God bless boys!

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