Octagon – Enter the Octagon // 57 Degrees 

Pax: 14 – Stella, Toadstool, Rollbar, Othello, U-Haul (FNG Ezra Coln), No Doze, Wentworth, Tin Cup, Tender Foot, Spacebar, Bloodshot, Sister Act, Mufasa, Polaroid

Q: Polaroid

Welcome to F3 and the Octagon. YHC shared the mission and core principles. Welcomed Ezra Coln, EH’d by Othello and shared a little bit about all the F3 offerings around town.  Quick Mozey to the playground for warmarama

Warm O’ Rama


15IC Windmills

15IC Imperial Walkers

15 Copperhead Squats

15 String Rippers

Mozey to the Pre-Thang….


Pax lined up at the base of the hill shoulder to shoulder.  Sprint to top and back. This was done 4x over. Following each time 50 consecutive reps were done.  Cadence shared amongst the Pax.

-50 LBC

-50 Squats

-50 Flutter Kicks

-50 Lunges


Pax counted off into three total groups. Polaroid had decided to bring back a past Q from last year at Futurama. YHC had previously Q’d what he called enter the Octagon.  This was a variation on that morning in the Gloom.

8 markers were spread throughout the field in the shape of an Octagon.  Each station included a listing of exercises.  Pax would complete the first exercise on the sheet AMRAP while a lap was completed around the Octagon by a member of the group.  Once lap was complete, a short mosey to next station.

Upon completing a lap, move to the second exercise at that station.  Additionally instead of mosey you would now bear crawl to next station.

Most Pax got to the third round where the move station to station was a walking lunger. 

Alternating Plank Arm Circles

Crab Cakes

Alternating Lunges 

Hand Release Merkins

Big Boys

Jump Tucks


Alt. Shoulder Taps

Mtn Climbers

Low Dolly



Air Squats

Ranger Merkins

Bonnie Blairs

Pickle Pushers

Gas Pumpers

Split Squats

Red Bull Smurf Jacks

Scissor Kicks

Diamond Merkins




Omaha called at 6:08 and the group met to complete 8IC American Hammer


Run through life with patience.  Don’t be in such a rush through life, run with those in your life together.  Too often, the demands of life tempt us to be impatient. We want to do everything right, and we want to do everything. We may rush to accomplish our daily chores, run to take care of family responsibilities, even hurry to offer service.

Embrace the process.  Whatever you’re doing, there’s always going to be a “middle” in there somewhere. The middle can be mentally challenging.  On the surface this is where it feels like progress can slow. If you’re staring down at your feet, or just an arms-length ahead, the middle can look pointless, confusing, or just plain boring. Keep your head up — looking around and ahead doesn’t have to be a sign of distraction. It can be an act of gratitude. 

Silence perfectionism. “I’m not going to do it unless I can do it right.” This sounds like a solid mantra – until it paralyzes you in perfectionism and procrastination. There are some things you’d love to do, but perhaps you can’t do them “all the way” right now. Stop crippling yourself with a misguided assessment of what matters and what doesn’t. Instead of shelving your dreams until you can pursue them “all the way,” declare this your training ground. How can you log miles in this season?

Let’s encourage one another to run with patience – and live well on the long road.

Closed in prayer – Polaroid

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